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Name: Adam Abramski

Company: Intel Corp

Bio: I have 28 years of experience working in high tech. I started my career at LSI Logic as a Computer Operator while working full time on getting my B.S. in Computer Science. For 13 of those 28 years, I spent working at Sun Microsystems in multiple disciplines from Engineering to Product Management. I've spent about 13 years in the mobile industry working for the likes of Nokia, BlackBerry and Adobe Systems. For the past 2 years, I have worked at Intel and have been focused on Product Management for the Tizen IVI project.

Reasons: I've been involved with standards activities in my career, mostly in the Java Community Process. I was involved in driving mobile Java standards around what was known as J2ME, Connected Device Configuration and the Limited Device Configuration specs. I also worked with IBM to form the working group that creating the Web Portlet spec also part of the Java Community Process. I have been working with web standards and the building of platforms and application development tools that support and use web technologies for the past 5 years. I am passionate about helping drive this business group in creating specs, use cases and requirements that address the very unique world of automotive. I strongly believe that this business group can make an impact on our industry and on how web technologies are used in the vehicle. And finally, I was involved in leading and co-chairing the W3C Automotive and Web Workshop held last year in November.