Priorities for the weeks after TPAC 2016

Photo of Web Payments Working Group at their 20 Sep 2016 face-to-face meeting; photo by Adam Roach.

The Web Payments Working Group held a productive face-to-face meeting in Lisbon in September; see 19 Sep and 20 Sep minutes. At the end of the meeting we articulated some priorities for the next few weeks:

  • Close issues related to payment request API and payment method identifiers. Flesh out the test suite.
  • Get review of the payment apps specification with an eye toward advancing the specification to First Public Working Draft.
  • Develop a proposal about how to use payment request API with push payment methods.
  • Publish a First Public Working Draft of an overview document describing the group’s deliverables.

Our expectation is to review where we are at the end of October and determine whether we are in a good position to advance payment request API and supporting specifications to Candidate Recommendation.

Many thanks to Adam Roach for his photo of the group meeting.

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