Ramping up for TPAC in Lisbon

TPAC, W3C’s annual big meeting of groups, takes place in Lisbon next week. The Web Payments Working Group will be among the 500-600 participants expected this year. The Working Group has been busy since our London meeting in July, so our agenda is a full one and includes:

  • Discussion of issues necessary to advance the payment request API suite to Candidate Recommendation.
  • Payment apps, and whether to advance the Editor’s draft to First Public Working Draft
  • Implementer experience and demos from Google, Samsung, and more. We’ll also hear about progress on a test suite.
  • Lots of discussion of payment methods including updates to basic card, SEPA credit transfer, cash on delivery, invoice, 360 Pay (from Qihoo 360), and a draft tokenized payment method specification from Facebook. We have a very early draft of a payment method good practices document that we should be able to expand based on the growing set of payment methods in discussion. We will also be looking at push payment methods generally, to determine how push payments could be made easier through the payment request API.
  • Next steps for the recently published First Public Working Drafts of Web Payments HTTP API 1.0 and Web Payments HTTP Messages 1.0

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