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Automotive Working Group and Automotive and Transportation Business Group meetings


Links to minutes provided for each day below



Observers welcome after confirming with Ted or Peter


This is a tentative agenda and will be finalized with the group in the run up to the meeting. Agenda suggestions welcome by email and as part of your registration.


Remote meeting

12-15 October, four days

[ 15GMT, 8PDT/11EDT/17CEST/midnight KST, etc]

Multiple WebEx and IRC channels for parallel meetings for some sessions.

WebEx calendar invites with call coordinates sent to internal list and registrants.

If you do not have call information you can reach Ted on IRC


Please feel free to add agenda ideas here and as you register

Will finalize and turn into schedule

Monday, 12 October


  • Review current charter and discuss scope going forward, start rechartering conversation.
    • Best Practices
    • RPC
    • Gen2
  • Gen2 roadmap
    • naming Gen2
    • review scope, what was deferred and if they are candidates for a Gen3 or extensions
    • push/pull hybridization, WoT security - how to avoid open ports and handle offline devices
  • CVII outreach
    • overview of roundtables and campaign, input on messaging and invitees
    • W3C Plenary (unconference, breakouts) 27 October joint session with workshop at GENIVI AMM

Tuesday, 13 October


  • WAMP evaluation vis a vis roadmap wishlist
  • Compression/Serialization
    • Push/pull optimization including curve/sampling and other off-boarding topics

Wednesday, 14 October


  • RPC and Service catalog
    • WoT alternative
  • VISS call for concensus
  • Access Control

Thursday, 15 October


  • Auto Working Group re-charter, settle on scope with candidate work from BG

BG work items (if not moved to WG in recharter)

  • VSSo if member submission made
  • Layered Policy Language
  • Best Practices
  • data privacy in collaboration with Spatial Data on the Web