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Draft Charter: W3C XML SIG

created 1997.07.27 by Jon Bosak, W3C XML WG chair
last revised $Date: 1998/06/11 18:12:42 $ by $Author: connolly $

1.0 Purpose

The XML Special Interest Group is a forum for the discussion of issues relating to the exchange of structured information over the World Wide Web. In particular, it serves as a resource for the communication of expert opinions to the XML Working Group. All activity of the XML SIG takes place on an archived mailing list.

1.2 Limits of debate

To keep debate within useful bounds and to keep the volume of mail within the ability of XML WG members to monitor it, discussions of the XML SIG are limited to issues relevant to business currently being conducted by the XML WG. It is the responsibility of the SIG Chair to moderate discussion as necessary to enforce this rule. In extreme cases, the Chair has the authority to remove SIG members if necessary to maintain order on the mailing list.

2.0 Deliverables

The XML SIG does not develop specifications or code and as a body has no concrete deliverables under this charter. SIG members are free to form ad hoc working groups and to publish their work on the SIG mailing list as long as it is judged by the Chair to fall within the scope of the SIG charter.

3.0 Membership

XML SIG members are either employees of W3C member organizations in good standing or are experts invited to participate by the Chair. Invited experts shall be provided access to the SIG archive equivalent to the access provided to other members.

3.1 Initial membership

The initial membership of the XML SIG shall be identical to the membership of the W3C SGML WG as of June 30, 1997.

3.2 SIG Chair

The Chair of the SIG shall be appointed or removed by vote of the XML WG according to the general voting procedure set forth in the XML WG charter.

4.0 Meetings and conferences

The XML SIG exists only as an email forum; it does not conduct phone conferences or face-to-face meetings.

5.0 Communications

XML SIG members communicate via w3c-xml-sig@w3.org, a mailing list with archive, visible to all W3C members and to members participating in the SIG as invited experts. Members-only information visible to the participants of other W3C interest groups may be republished to the XML SIG list at the discretion of the SIG Chair if such information is necessary to the deliberations of the SIG.

6.0 Level of involvement of the Team

W3C employees participate on the XML SIG at the same level as employees of W3C member organizations.

7.0 Voting procedures

The XML SIG does not vote.