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Please note we decided to gradually merge the use cases into the deliverable on use cases and requirements - volunteers welcome!

Contributor Title Classification Link
Dave Raggett Smart control of washing machine smart home / home automation / deferred operation wiki
Edoardo Pignotti Community-based Flood Monitoring smart cities/ other utilities/ Monitoring water levels for flood warnings email
Robert Kleinfeld Universal discovery and control of smart home devices smart home / home automation / discovery / interactions [
Claes Nilsson Remote health monitoring system email
Takuki Kamiya Integrated Home Automation emailpresentation
Souleiman Hasan & Edward Curry Home Water Awareness and Conservation smart home / home automation / water usage presentation
Kazuo Kajimoto Home Automation figurepresentation
Deborah Dahl Intelligent Hotel Room email
Woksuk Lee Public transport info via physical web smart cities / transportation
you your scenario fitting domains from taxonomy link to the uc description

Mastering the Github document

This is a brief how-to explaining how to contribute an update to the document at

See also the README.

You will need a github account, which you can register here. The data that forms the document is collected in an XML file. To contribute, you can edit the XML and the document will be auto-generated. The workflow for multi-user editing on github are called pull-requests.

The simplest way to create a pull-request is to follow this link to directly edit the xml:

You can directly enter you changes and add a comment explaining what you changed.

A more sophisticated way is to fork the repo into your github account. This enables you to use your local tooling for changes and then manually initiate a pull request from your fork to the w3c/wot repo. There are numerous tutorials for this approach, for example here