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[17:06] <Claes> Present+ Claes_Nilsson
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[17:07] <dape>https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/ScribeList
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[17:09] <taki> scribe: TK
[17:09] <taki> scribeNick: taki
[17:09] <taki> TOPIC: Presentation from Claes
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[17:11] <taki> CN: remote monitoring. monitoring health conditions.
[17:12] <taki> CN: Heart rate, also blood.
[17:12] <taki> CN: Blood clot
[17:13] <taki> CN: Cloud server, depending on connection options, bluetooth, wifi, etc
[17:14] <taki> CN: Mapping proposed architecture to health monitoring system.
[17:14] <taki> CN: WOT serviant is included in WOT device.
[17:15] <taki> CN: The cloud service is also serviant.
[17:16] <taki> CN: Things are exposed through REST API, http or MQTT, etc
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[17:16] <taki> CN: options for communication. wifi, mobile phone, are possible
[17:17] <taki> can you explain functionality?
[17:18] <taki> CN: ipv6 over bluetooth, IETF COAP, UDP. It depends on the connection, functionality of router changes.
[17:19] <taki> DP: relationship of WOT device and WOT servient?
[17:19] <taki> CN: Wristband supports WOT servient.
[17:20] <taki> CB: COAP stack supporting REST is included in the servient device.
[17:20] <taki> s/CB/CN/
[17:20] <taki> CB: events are generated at initial registration and authorization phase.
[17:21] <taki> CB: Actions are exposed through REST.
[17:21] <taki> CN: APIs for vibration, etc
[17:22] <taki> CN: OATH is used in non-normal manner. This needs investigation.
[17:22] <taki> CN: We need backend for WOT.
[17:23] <taki> DP: We have security task force. We may want to give feedback to that WG.
[17:23] <taki> CN: Cloud sends coap message to WOT servient for authorization process.
[17:24] <taki> CN: Observe feature of COAP is used.
[17:24] <taki> CN: such as "Fall detected" etc is send back.
[17:25] <taki> CN: In real world, we need to be reliable, but this chart simplified the scenario.
[17:25] <taki> DP: Is this something that has been already implemented?
[17:26] <taki> CN: I have been writing healthcare applications. I am experimenting with it. also MQTT.
[17:26] <taki> CN: will show in next slide.
[17:26] <taki> CN: MQTT is pub/sub protocol
[17:27] <taki> CN: health care app registers, and the server publishes.
[17:27] <taki> CN: Issues, considetations.
[17:28] <taki> CN: for Advanced security, we chose this architecture.
[17:28] <taki> CN: bidirectional COAP communication is another thing to be discussed.
[17:29] <taki> CN: router-firewall issue. UDP is used for CoAP. Keep alive's implication on battery.
[17:29] <taki> CN: access control, battery life, reliablity, QOS
[17:30] <taki> Joerg: CoAP, MQTT mapping, is there way to describe the mapping abstract manner?
[17:32] <taki> Joerg: Interaction is important. So abstract interaction needs to be described.
[17:33] <taki> Joerg: Wrt. Security, is this security consideration specific to your use case?
[17:33] <taki> James: That group should have ownership.
[17:34] <taki> Joerg: Privacy issues in this concrete example is worth considering.
[17:35] <taki> James: Other groups are considering security issues. We should not be too much bogged down.
[17:36] <taki> DP: We need to map more use cases to the architecture.
[17:36] <taki> DP: Next in the agenda. Input from Intel about iotkit-comm.
[17:37] <taki> DT: iotkit-comm is for edison.
[17:37] <taki> DT: open-source based.
[17:37] <taki> DT: in C and Javascript
[17:38] <taki> DT: Components include Edision, MDNS, MQTT
[17:38] <taki> DT: using Pub/sub data
[17:38] <taki> DT: MQTT, using REST call.
[17:39] <taki> DT: Secured channel is SSH tunnel.
[17:39] <taki> DT: description file on client.
[17:40] <taki> DT: You can query service, and you can get callback.
[17:40] <taki> DT: When server publishes data, callback is called with JSON object.
[17:40] <taki> DT: Server side is similar.
[17:40] <taki> DT: server description file.
[17:41] <taki> DT: advertisement options.
[17:41] <taki> DT: create service and publish.
[17:42] <taki> DP: DOM and this architecture seems to have similarity.
[17:43] <taki> DT: I am aware of commonalities.
[17:44] <taki> DT: Security and provacy aspects should be paid attention in WOT
[17:45] <taki> Dom: How you can define sensors, eg grammars?
[17:45] <taki> DT: I can provide some information on that.
[17:47] <taki> Dom: Proposal for standard that defines data model and resources in WOT servers.
[17:47] <taki> Dom: HTTP is right direction.
[17:48] <taki> Dom: simple set of rules, protocols and resource model are necessary.
[17:48] <taki> Dom: Blueprint for how to implement WOT APIs.
[17:48] <taki> Dom: resources and data-model representations.
[17:49] <taki> Dom: Blueprints helps faster implementation.
[17:49] <taki> Dom: Automatic generation of UIs.
[17:49] <taki> Dom: Mashup blocks automatically.
[17:50] <taki> Dom: Currently working on the documentation.
[17:51] <taki> Dom: http://bit.ly/wot-label
[17:51] <taki> DP: Do you expect comments from us?
[17:51] <taki> Dom: By the end of May, we will send this as a proposal.
[17:52] <taki> Joel: If you see something missing, that comments would be very helpful.
[17:52] <taki> Joerg: Device, properties and interactions.
[17:53] <taki> Dom: Entities should map to different use cases nice way.
[17:54] <taki> Dom: Entities and protocols, resources are described in the document.
[17:55] <taki> Dom: We can also send presentation.
[17:55] <taki> DT: BOE profile.
[17:56] <taki> Joel: If there is something specific that you want to see here, please let us know.
[17:58] <taki> DP: Is there a good way to share what we discussed to the rest of the group who could not join telecon?
[17:59] <taki> DT: We can share the slides.
[17:59] <taki> DT: Is there a share area where we can share presentations?
[17:59] <taki> Dom: We have wiki.
[18:00] <taki> DP: We collected several ideas. Google doc is one way to make one document.
[18:01] <Claes> My presentation on health monitoring system maping to architecture, protocols and APIs: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wot-ig/2015May/att-0021/UC_Remote_health_monitoring_system_-_mapping_to_APIs_and_protocols.pdf
[18:02] <taki> DP: Siemens does not have access to google doc site.
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[18:03] <domguinard> Slides for the WoT Label: http://www.slideshare.net/misterdom/w3c-f2fwotevtcomposestandard
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