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  • Drive IoT industry acceptance of the value of Web of Things for fulfilling the commercial potentials by enabling cross-platform interations.
  • Ensure WoT interoperability scaling on multiple dimensions as across devices from microcontrollers to massive cloud based server farms, across platforms and services from different vendors and built upon different standards, across different application domains.


  • different vertical domains
  • technical experts
  • business people
  • analysts
  • open source communities


See also confs for the IG

  • June, 2014
    • 25-26: W3C Workshop on the Web of Things hosted by Siemens in Berlin, Germany
    • 26: proposal to launch WoT Interest Group during the workshop on Web of Things
  • Sept, 2014
    • Web of Things Interest Group initiated
  • April, 2015
    • 20-22: F2F meeting in Munich hosted by Siemens
    • end: 4 Task Force groups kickoff
  • July, 2015
    • 18-19: Joint IRTF T2T RG / W3C WoT IG meeting in Prague, Czech Republic
    • 29-31: F2F meeting in Sunnyvale CA hosted by Fujitsu
  • August, 2015
    • 5: draft WG charter for public review
    • 9: proposals for potential work items of a WoT WG
    • 11: W3C and IIC sign liaison agreement for the Industrial Internet of Things
  • September, 2015
    • 17: advanced notice of preparations for a WoT WG charter
    • 25: One week Call for comments: Draft collaboration text with oneM2M
  • October, 2015
  • date? in Q1, 2016
    • W3M approves draft charters for review by W3C Members.
  • date? in Q1,2016
    • Start AC review of charters
  • Q1, 2016
    • Launch W3C Web of Things Working Group

Goal: Acceptance


Messaging Notes

  • Scope
    • Standardization of cross domain data modeling.
    • Abstraction of WoT API based on a model that allows binding to protocols.
    • Things Metadata and API for Security and Security-Enabling.
    • Uniform and Technology Independent Discovery.
  • Security and privacy
  • Cross platform interoperability
  • how to get more revenue from the WoT
  • differentiation of WoT and IoT
  • relate cross domain building blocks to the audience for specific domains.

Topics to cover

  • Possible use cases for different domains
  • Integration with existing standards and terminology

Pain points

  • The WoT IG has so far been working on cross domain building blocks. We need a story to relate them to the audience for specific domains.
  • Security may be a key topic to consider, another would be how to get more revenue from the WoT.
  • what differentiates WoT from the IoT.

Content Development

White papers, summaries, etc.

  • Executive summary: see example of Web Payment Whitepaper Executive Summary
  • Web of Things Sales Sheet as drafted in early January 2016
  • Piece on relevance of this work (value proposition) to different industry segments
  • Piece on how this work relates to the work of external groups
  • Multiple pieces on relevance of this work in different regions of the world
    • This could also be achieved through participant blog posts.

Technology Road Map

  • See W3C's Mobile Roadmap as a model; can do the same thing for Web of Things once we have identified key technologies (existing or proposed).

Group Blog

  • Group blog
    • Encourage each participant to write a few paragraphs on what they want out of the group and key topics of interest to them individually.
    • Make sure blog comments are on.
  • Regular blog post on what's going on in the world and how it relates to the work of the group?


Dissemination and Socialization


  • (Updated) Printed flyer
  • Slide decks for use cases, IoT industry presentations
  • Diagrams (especially Web of Things architecture)

Media Outreach

Conferences and events

  • See relevant confs for the IG
    • Sharing events periodically with group / hearing about other events
    • Sharing the responsibility of public communications / travel to events

W3C Groups

  • Tech talk for sharing with other groups inside W3C

Industry Relations

  • Regular liaison calls with key external groups?
  • Work with group participant departments (PR, industry outreach)
  • Tweet when organizations join with tag #wot???


  •  ?

Goal: ubiquity