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Proposed topics for breakout sessions

- scopes of TD in working group including semantics & metadata

- complete tech landscape

- ontology enrichments in TD

- TD vs HATEOAS: comparison and integration

- TD and Security

- Processing & semantics for data models

- Thing vs Server metadata

- plans for the next plugfest

- ...

TD Breakout 1 (27-02-2016 11-12:30pm)


<tbd> Sebastian, Dave, Darko, Carsten, Matthias, Victor, Taki-san, Ohsumi-san, Naka-san, Reynier Overhoff, Martin Bauer, Frank Reusch, ...


  • overview about the current TD model
  • feedback from plugfest (problems, what is missing)
  • tech landscape (who is doing what)


  • details minutes can be found here: [1]
  • presented slides by Sebastian can be found here: [2]
  • tech landscape: "Who is doing what" can be found here: [3]
  • ACTION: @all: finish the assigned tech landscape topics until 17. Februray 2016
  • ACTION: Sebastian will send regularly reminder mails ;-)

TD Breakout 2 (27-02-2016 13-16:00pm)




Joint meetings with DI, AP, and Security TF


  • joint TD - DI breakout session: find detail minutes here [4]
  • joint TD - AP breakout session:
  • Sebastian provides to the AP members the missing / unclear issues during the plugfest (also see here [5])
  • discussion about HATEOAS:
  • Matthias: HATEOAS approach is perfect to recover broken links
  • Louay: however, how does it work with bluetooth devices?
  • Ari: there is a white paper on RESTful API via GW from Bluetooth SIG
  • discussion what kind of information is missing in TD related to protocol binding
  • Sebastian shows a TD sample
  • Carsten make a proposal what kind of information has to be changed/provided: _base (instead of "uri" vocabular) and hrefs
  • hrefs may be used for different kind of protocols (CoAP, HTTP(S), ble, etc.)
  • ACTION: group decided to setup TD samples that conains more clear protocol binding information and wukk duscuss these in one of the next TD web meetings
  • joint TD - SP breakout session:
  • Sebastian shows a TD sample and ask Oliver, how properties, action, events can be SP enabled
  • Oliver mention the aspect, TD has already security information in there: which protocol is used (https)
  • Oliver discusses two approaches which you can see in praxis today:
  1. No access information in TD: Authoriziation has to be clearified at runtime (e.g., HTTP 403)
  2. Access information in TD: all information has to be provided in TD where to get the security token and what kind of infomration is provided. JSON Web token provides a good input what kind of information is required
  • ACTION: group decided to setup a TD sample with security information and will discuss this in one of the next TD web meetings

TD Breakout 3 (28-02-2016 11-13:00pm)


Darko, Carsten, Ari, Matthias, Victor, Sebastian, Ohsumi-san, Naka-san, Taki-san, Martin Bauer, Oliver, Maxime Lefrancois, Michael Mrissa, Jasper Roes, Naka-san, Oliver, Philipp Hoschka, Reynier Overhoff


  • ontology enrichments in TD
  • scopes of TD in working group


  • Darko shows an approach how the SSN can be included in a TD instance:
  • sample is based on a brightness proximity sensor TD
  • domain specific (and unspecifics) ontologies can be easily involve into the TD
  • there were some discussion about the aspect if we should standarize some basic, domain-independent vocabularies for the TD, e.g., on/off
  • this should be further discussed and may be involved in the scope list of the TD charta
  • group discussed the scopes and out of scopes of TD for the WoT working group #
  • outcome of the scopes can be found here: [6]
  • ACTION: get feedback of the scopes from TD/WoT members