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11.1 - Use W3C technologies and use the latest versions when they are supported by browsers.

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Priority 2

Why W3C technologies? First and foremost, because all emerging W3C technologies will undergo a thorough review for accessibility issues. This is a commitment that immediately places W3C technologies at the forefront of many other emerging technologies.

At the time of this writing, several of the latest HTML 4.0 attributes that may significantly increase accessibility of Web pages have not been implemented in user agents. Therefore, authors may be asking:

Why should I use these attributes or elements if they aren't supported?

The authors believe that many of the new attributes and elements will be supported in the very near future, as companies release new versions of their products. Pages written to be accessible now will be ready when the technology catches up. This is the reverse of the "old" system where people with disabilities always had to play "catch up" to the new technology.

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