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11. Use W3C technologies and guidelines.

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Use W3C technologies (according to specification) and follow accessibility guidelines. Where it is not possible to use a W3C technology, or doing so results in material that does not transform gracefully, provide an alternative version of the content that is accessible.

11.1 - Use W3C technologies when they are available and appropriate for a task and use the latest versions when they are supported.  Priority 2 

11.2 - Avoid deprecated features of W3C technologies.  Priority 2 

11.3 - Provide information so that users may receive documents according to their preferences.  Priority 3 

11.4 - If, after best efforts, you cannot create an accessible page. provide a link to an alternative page that uses W3C technologies, is accessible, has equivalent information (or functionality), and is updated as often as the inaccessible (original) page.  Priority 1 

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