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1.5 - Until user agents render text equivalents for client-side image map links, provide redundant text links for each active region of a client-side image map.

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Priority 3

At the present time, it may not be enough to provide 'alt' text describing the destination of the link in the AREA element that creates the geometric hot-spots on an imagemap. To ensure everyone can navigate your site, it is still necessary to provide redundant text links.

For a client-side image map describe the destination that each active area will link to. For example:

Image map: please use the alternative links provided with the map. Not all browsers will show this at this time.

[ Section A | Section B | Section C | Section D ]
Link to section A of the site. Link to section B of the site. Link to section C of the site. Link to section D of the site.
View the markup that created this example of a client side image map and its text alternative.

In the future, most new browsers will be able to display the alternative text provided with the AREA element.

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