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W3CWeb Accessibility initiative

WAI: Strategies, guidelines, resources to make the Web accessible to people with disabilities

Planning and Implementing Web Accessibility

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Policy Resources

Developing Organizational Policies on Web Accessibility
Describes considerations when making simple or comprehensive policies for organizations.
Why Standards Harmonization is Essential to Web Accessibility
Explains the key role that harmonization of standards plays in increasing the accessibility of the Web for people with disabilities.
International Policies Relating to Web Accessibility
Links to information on government policies relating to Web accessibility in different countries around the world.

Managing Accessibility

Implementation Plan for Web Accessibility
Outlines considerations for planning a process for implementing accessibility.
Improving the Accessibility of Your Web Site
Provides approaches and tips for fixing accessibility barriers in existing Web sites; in other words, repairing accessibility problems, or retrofitting a site to improve accessibility.
Involving Users in Web Projects for Better, Easier Accessibility
Describes how project managers, designers, and developers can better understand accessibility issues and implement more effective accessibility solutions in their websites and web applications; browsers, media players, and assistive technologies; authoring tools such as content management systems (CMS), blog software, and WYSIWYG editors; standards and policies on accessibility; web technologies and technical specifications.
Selecting and Using Authoring Tools for Web Accessibility
Provides information to help find authoring tools that support accessibility and work around the gaps in existing authoring tools.

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