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DRAFT: Detailed information for UAAG 1.0 evaluations

Jon Gunderson, Ian Jacobs

Nearby How to evaluate a user agent for conformance | Implementation Report

Status of this Document

This is a draft document produced as part of work for the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group. It does not represent consensus within the Working Group.

Last revised: $Date: 2002/03/28 23:36:15 $


This document is designed to help people perform implementation reviews of user agent technologies. For each UAAG checkpoint information is provided on how to evelaute the user agent for the checkpoint requirements and the markup for specific specifications that should be implemented and available through the user interface. An evaluation by or in cooperation with a developer greatly facilitates an evaluation and for some UAAG requirements is necessary.

Priority 1 checkpoints

Priority 2 checkpoints

Priority 3 checkpoints

Jon Gunderson (jongund@uiuc.edu)
Ian Jacobs (ij@w3.org)