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User Agent Comments on XHTML 2.0 31 January Public Working Draft

This document was prepared by the UAWG for discussion with the HTML WG at a 7 March meeting in Boston. These comments are based on the XHTML™ 2.0 W3C Working Draft 31 January 2003.

This document has been superseded by the May 2003 draft.

Editor: Jon Gunderson

Last modified: $Date: 2003/06/06 11:56:37 $

General Comments

  1. XHTML 2.0 includes user agent behavior requirements. IJ to talk separately about general issue of conformance for user agents.
  2. UAWG would like to discuss:
    1. Which UAAG 1.0 requirements apply to exisiting xhtml 2.0 behaviors (see IJ review for details)
    2. What new behaviors we would like xhtml 2.0 user agents to display
  3. What is the expectation that XHTML 2.0 can include new functionalities?

See also additional comments from Ian, and comments from Matt.


User scenarios:
content navigation
definition of focus
navigation lists

Access to content

Design issues

Presentation and style


Specific Comments

6.7. Image Map Attribute Collection

Example should also include when images are configured not to be rendered

12. XHTML Linking Module

Forward and Reverse Links
Users should be notified of the availability of forward and reverse links
Users should be able to activate forward and reverse links
Style Sheets
User should be able to select from available style sheets for the media types supported by the device
Be able remember user preferences bewteen style sheets

14. XHTML Object Module

User preferences for nested objects
A mechanism for API to pass user text styling information to an OBJECT (no consensus on this one)
User should be able to configure not to render some types of OBJECT content supported by the device
User Selection of alternatives
User should be notified of other conditional content to be present
User be able to query the OBJECT for alternatives and be able to select from the alternatives supported by the device

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