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16-17 November 2000 Face-to-Face Meeting of the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group at AOL (Washington, D.C., USA)

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Participation is open to members of W3C/WAI's User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (UA WG) and to individuals interested in participating in and contributing to the efforts of the Working Group.

Any participants not already members of the UAWG should read the UAWG Charter and the how to join page, and send the requested information to Jon Gunderson, the Working Group Chair.


Pre-registration is required for everyone attending this meeting. Please register register by 2 November 2000. Refer to the list of registrants.


WAI would like to thank our host for this meeting, America Online (AOL). The meeting will be held at:

22000 AOL Way (Headquarters)
Dulles, Virginia 20166


Eric, Denis, Rich, Gregory, Ian, and Jon have reservations in Ian's name at:


AOL will be providing lunches. We will probably go to dinner together on the 16th.


The recommended airport is Dulles. National Airport is over one hour away.

Since we will be staying at the same hotel, we will coordinate transportation to and from AOL.

Joining by telephone

If you wish to join the meeting by telephone:


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