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Teleconference on Making Collaboration Technologies Accessible for Persons with Disabilities:
Use Cases

Use Case 1:

Scenario: An international Open Source Software Project consists of software developers from the US, Japan, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, China, and India. Several developers have disabilities, including visual impairments, deafness, mobility impairment, and deaf blind. The project is in its planning stage and developers need to meet virtually to design and create the software specification. Regular face to face meetings are not possible.
The goal is the shared development of a web-based specification document, with flow charts, diagrams, and screen layouts. Weekly teleconferences involve collaborative review and editing of the specification and its elements. Individuals must be able create and read annotations in a modality appropriate to their needs. For example, graphical annotations or notes (a circled word and added note), need to be visible to all participants.

Use Case 2:


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