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Filing & triaging bugs

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The Bug Triage team monitors all bugs filed against the HTML5.x specifications, and assesses whether they should be escalated to the HTML Accessibility Task Force. The Bug Triage team may also file bugs directly against the HTML5.x specifications, on behalf of the HTML Accessibility Task Force.


Bugs against the HTML5.x specifications are filed in Bugzilla. You will need a Bugzilla account before you can file new bugs, or comment on existing ones.

Filing bugs

There is an established process for filing bugs against the HTML5.x specifications. In addition there are specific steps that should be taken when filing an accessibility bug.

Triaging bugs

A member of the Bug Triage team is tasked with monitoring new bugs filed against the HTML5.x specifications. Any bugs relating to accessibility are reviewed on the weekly Bug Triage telecon.

Each bug is assessed by the Bug Triage team. If it meets certain a11ytf keyword criteria it is tagged with the a11ytf keyword. If the bug falls under the remit of a particular sub-team of the HTML Accessibility Task Force an additional keyword may also be applied.

Bug keywords

Bugs tagged with the a11y keyword will be sent to the HTML A11y TF list at