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Access Key Replacement

Access (Key) Local Wiki Pages

  • Accesskey Requirements from PFWG
  • Access Element versus the Access Module
    • "The Access Element defines an element that, when used in conjunction with XML and HTML derived markup languages, enables a more robust accessibility model than is presently possible. The Access Element also provides a means of designating a navigational flow for document formats, such as SVG, which lack an inherent navigational document order."
  • Robert J. Burns' Keyboard Focus Attributes Module (page in progress)
    • Defines a cascading keybinding mechanism, compatible with the XHTML Access Module and HTML. This proposal takes the powerful idea of cascade from stylesheets and applies those ideas to a cascading input device event binding mechanism where the user is ultimately in control, but where authors can provide powerful and discoverable key bindings to interact with their authored content. It also provide an alternate attribute to the "key" attribute which is fairly limited in its use of characters rather than Qnames. The use of Qnames also makes Internationalization (i18n) easier to achieve.

Access/Accesskey References

XHTML Access Module


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