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WCAG Proposed New Success Criteria not in any task force

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Proposed new Success Criteria for 2.1 not covered by any TF currently

Modification of Current SC

  • Modify 4.1.2 duplicate id requirement to "duplicate ids, where the ID is referenced by the attribute(s) of elements and is present in the DOM tree." See thread

Work to support the LVTF on the Horizontal scrolling issue and zoom

List of Proposed Techniques/Failures in WCAG 2.1 not in any Task Force

Clarifications and/or Conformance requirements

  • Clarify that "Full Page" includes each view (this should be done to the current WCAG) See issue 197
  • Ensure that mechanisms to go to conforming alternative are highly discoverable (near top of page) with programmatic notification that the current page is not accessible