WCAG 2.1 timeline/Details


This is a more detailed timeline to help ensure necessary steps are lined up.

This timeline is oriented around a 5 June 2018 Recommendation of WCAG 2.1. The stated timeline is "June", so slippage of up to a few weeks is acceptable. The earliest publication date in June is selected to make room for that slippage, not because it is a hard target.

This version of the timeline is presented as a table to show parallel activities. Rows show dates, unfortunately with no good way in this format to show relative durations between dates. The "Milestones" column indicates key targets. "Team Activity" is behind-the-scenes work from various Team members. "WG Activity" is tasks for the AG WG. "Process Steps" are formal steps to advance, usually carried out by Team. "Messaging" includes drafting and review of messaging and at stages will involve Comm.

Date Milestone Team Activity WG Activity Process Steps Messaging
30 January Publication of CR Begin collecting implementations
Begin training on CR evaluation
Publish CR Publish CR messaging
23 February CR evaluation tool ready for WG Begin active CR testing
6 March WG check in on CR evaluation progress, tempo, questions
15 March First draft of implementation report Identify gaps in the implementation report and start scramble to fill with additional implementations
19, 20 March WG FtF, likely focus on CR testing
21-23 March CSUN conference interruption CSUN conference interruption
27 March WG check in on CR evaluation progress, steps to complete
30 March Comment deadline for CR Semi-final draft of implementation report ready Finish CR testing
Begin comment closing and dangling implementation issues crunch
10 April Implementation report ready All comments on CR closed
Make decisions on at-risk items
12 April Draft Transition Request for PR
Begin draft Rec press release
Update ETSI on status
Open CfC to transition to PR Pre-check PR transition with Director Begin gathering messaging points for Rec announcement
17 April Deadline for commenters to accept / reject disposition of their comments Prepare AC review form
Begin draft PR AC announcement, other WAI announcements
Close CfC to transition to PR Transition Request to advance to Proposed Recommendation Begin review of PR AC announcement, other WAI announcements
20 April Stage PR publication Approval of PR Transition Request
23 April Publication Request for PR Approval of PR announcements
24 April Publication of PR Begin tracking of AC comments and proposed dispositions Publish Proposed Recommendation
Open AC review for PR
Publish PR announcements
27 April Begin draft blog post
Approval of Rec messaging points
Begin review of Rec press release
14 May Begin FAQ updates
Begin transition support package
Open CfC to ratify Understanding
22 May AC review for PR closes Last day to initiate discussion with any AC comments not yet addressed
Begin Testimonial collection
Begin translations collection

Close CfC to Ratify Understanding Director review of AC comment responses
25 May Begin draft WAI announcements for Rec Pre-check Rec transition with Director Approval of Rec press release, blog post
29 May Deadline for AC to accept / reject disposition of their comments WG discussion of substantive issues raised in AC review Begin review of WAI announcements for Rec, FAQ updates, transition support package
30 May Complete Disposition of Comments from AC review, if needed
Stage Rec publication
Stage translations
Transition Request to advance to Recommendation
31 May ETSI final publication
4 June Approval of Rec Transition Request
Publication Request for Rec
Approval of FAQ updates, transition support package, testimonials
5 June Publication of Recommendation Publish FAQ updates Publish Recommendation Publish press release
Publish blog post
Publish WAI announcements