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Using ARIA trees

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ARIA Tree Widget Example

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Keyboard Support

The following keyboard shortcuts are implemented for this example (based on recommended shortcuts specified by the DHTML Style Guide Working Group.):

  • Up: Select the previous visible tree item.
  • Down: Select next visible tree item.
  • Left: Collapse the currently selected parent node if it is expanded. Move to the previous parent node (if possible) when the current parent node is collapsed.
  • Right: Expand the currently selected parent node and move to the first child list item.
  • Enter: Toggle the expanded or collapsed state of the selected parent node.
  • Home: Select the root parent node of the tree.
  • End: Select the last visible node of the tree.
  • Tab: Navigate away from tree.
  • '*' (asterisk on the numpad): Expand all group nodes.

NOTE: Double-clicking on a parent node will toggle its expanded or collapsed state.

ARIA Markup in Technique

  • aria-expanded
  • aria-hidden
  • aria-labelledby
  • role="group"
  • role="tree"
  • role="treeitem"

Example Code

<h2 id="label_1">Foods</h2>
<ul id="tree1" class="tree root-level" role="tree" aria-labelledby="label_1">
   <li id="fruits" class="tree-parent" role="treeitem" tabindex="0" aria-expanded="true"><span>Fruits</span>
      <ul id="fruit-grp" role="group">
         <li id="oranges" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Oranges</li>
         <li id="pinapples" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Pineapples</li>
         <li id="apples" class="tree-parent" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1" aria-expanded="false"><span>Apples</span>
            <ul id="apple-grp" role="group">
               <li id="macintosh" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Macintosh</li>
               <li id="granny_smith" class="tree-parent" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1" aria-expanded="false"><span>Granny Smith</span>
                  <ul id="granny-grp" role="group">
                     <li id="Washington" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Washington State</li>
                     <li id="Michigan" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Michigan</li>
                     <li id="New_York" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">New York</li>
               <li id="fuji" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Fuji</li>
         <li id="bananas" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Bananas</li>    
         <li id="pears" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Pears</li>    
   <li id="vegetables" class="tree-parent" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1" aria-expanded="true"><span>Vegetables</span>
      <ul id="veg-grp" role="group">
         <li id="broccoli" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Broccoli</li>
         <li id="carrots" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Carrots</li>
         <li id="lettuce" class="tree-parent" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1" aria-expanded="false"><span>Lettuce</span>
         <ul id="lettuce-grp" role="group">
               <li id="romaine" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Romaine</li>
               <li id="iceberg" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Iceberg</li>
               <li id="butterhead" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Butterhead</li>
         <li id="spinach" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Spinach</li>    
         <li id="squash" class="tree-parent" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1" aria-expanded="true"><span>Squash</span>
            <ul id="squash-grp" role="group">
               <li id="acorn" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Acorn</li>
               <li id="ambercup" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Ambercup</li>
               <li id="autumn_cup" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Autumn Cup</li>
               <li id="hubbard" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Hubbard</li>
               <li id="kobacha" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Kabocha</li>
               <li id="butternut" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Butternut</li>
               <li id="spaghetti" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Spaghetti</li>
               <li id="sweet_dumpling" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Sweet Dumpling</li>
               <li id="turban" role="treeitem" tabindex="-1">Turban</li>