ISSUE-5: Headings H42 new example and description

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Headings H42 new example and description

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David MacDonald
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The government of Canada has asked us to use another example in H42 because is problematic in several ways:
1) H2 comes before H1 in the code
2) H2 is not a subcategory of H1
3) They feel we are taking a position on how to markup Nav bars H2 vs H1, and given the ARIA and HTML 5 have specific Nav landmarks, they think we should not put a stake in the ground over whether to makup Nav's withan H1 or H2, and would rather a regular hierarchical example and just provide some text in the descrition that non-Hierarcical layout is allowed.

I've provided a proposed edited H42 here.
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Andrew Kirkpatrick, 14 May 2014, 13:40:51

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