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Skills by Content Writing Process Stage

User Needs

  • Charles Hall


  • Jeanne Spellman
  • Mary Jo Mueller (and ACT TF)
  • Tim Boland


  • Jeanne Spellman
  • Bruce Bailey
  • Shawn Lauriat

Writing final guideline in plain language

  • John Rochford
  • Kim Patch – also happy to help with any editing task
  • Barry Horbal

Explaining the guidelines by activity or role

These are meant to overlap with current EO resources, so please do draw from current WAI guidance by role.


Project Managers


  • Karam Fahad



  • Barry Horbal


Skills by Guideline

If you have an interest in a particular guideline, please enter your name here.

Alternative Text

Lead: Makoto Ueki

  • Jennifer Chadwick
  • Bruce Bailey
  • Todd Marquis Boutin

Audio Description

Lead: Bruce Bailey

Clear Words

Lead: Rachael Montgomery

  • Susi Miller
  • Tim Boland

Language of Environment (was Language of Page)


Pause Stop Hide


  • Bruce Bailey

Visual Contrast

Lead: Chuck Adams

  • Bruce Bailey
  • Karam Fahad