Leadership Team

From Silver


  • Jeanne Spellman - co-facilitator of Silver Task Force and co-chair of Silver Community Group
  • Shawn Lauriat - - co-facilitator of Silver Task Force and co-chair of Silver Community Group
  • Rachael Bradley-Montgomery - co-chair of Accessibility Guidelines Working Group
  • Chuck Adams - co-chair of Accessibility Guidelines Working Group
  • Michael Cooper - W3C Staff Contact

Leadership Update

9 March 2021

Jeanne notes that there have been updates, but I forgot I should document them.

  • Discussion: Now that conferences are virtual, should we cancel meetings. Typically we cancel meetings CSUN week, but virtual is different. We decided to check the regrets and decide.
  • How do we track long term issues like VPATs? We agreed to file a GH issue labeled "enhancement" and "internal".
  • "Challenges" issue: How to a way forward with missing research data. The data has been found and we recommend staying the course.
  • Integrating Inclusive Design in WCAG3 Silver level. We agreed to discuss where to draw the line at prescriptive evaluations, as this appears to be a basic disagreement that is hindering consensus.
  • How to integrate new guidelines for children with disabilities: We agreed to support reactivation of the community group and reach out to members who specialize in research on the needs of children with disabilities.
  • Last week we discussed how to respond to email comments, non-valid code in FPWD, and setting a roadmap of how to address the Github issues on Conformance.
  • 22 Feb: we discused how to get more help triaging issues and putting together a group to work on usability and restructure.

26 January 2021

  • Publishing the FPWD and monitoring social media. Thanks to all who have written about the FPWD.
  • Jeanne has prepared a slide deck for "WCAG3 Tour" which is public and available to use for presentations or repurpose individual slides. She will do virtual presentations on request.
  • Michael is working with Andy to move his APCA visual contrast tool to W3C Github space.
  • Michael is considering splitting the W3C Silver Github repo that is cluttered with old prototypes
  • Comments on the FPWD are coming in, and we have made a plan to process them. We want to avoid word-smithing, but we need to respond to every comment, even if we don't ultimately agree with them. Jeanne made a wiki page with links to the comments and the details of the plan as it exists. Jeanne and Rachael started standardizing labeling, triaging the new comments, and started drafting standard answers.
  • Jeanne researched the past meeting minutes where we discussed the decision policy to see if we had previously discussed the confusing sentence. We had not. Rachael is proposing the editorial change to clarify the offending sentence and is sending it to the AGWG for approval. If there are no objections, it will be corrected.
  • We discussed how to avoid wordsmithing (extended discussion of single words or phrases) and touched on its related issue, asynchronous (outside a meeting) communication. Wordsmithing is a poor use of the call time of the group. We agreed to be more alert for speaking up when one detects wordsmithing. We will approach it by capturing the concepts at issue, then the relevant editor will take charge of the issue, write up a proposal which will be shared asynchronously (outside a meeting) by email and by posting on a Google doc. Since the Google doc is not universally accessible (but seems to be the best choice we have), the facilitators will work to provide other versions as needed.
  • We will focus on asynchronous communication next week.