Goals for Heartbeat Draft 2

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These are notes from the minutes of the Silver call of 5 January 2021 and AGWG call of 5 January 2021:

  • Conformance
    • Janina: 3rd party content
    • Jeanne: Accessibility supported issue
    • Wilco: Integrating ACT work.
    • Wilco: Content on "silver" and "gold" conformance
  • Acknowledgements
    • Rachael: Contributors work for last few years
    • Notes from AGWG Survey and Meeting:
    • Andy Somer's ideas for what a Contributor is:
      • Major contributors: those that did significant research, authorship, and/or technology development that was used substantially.
      • Associate contributors: those that assisted major contributors in a material way, ideally nominated/suggested by the major contributors.
      • Administrative contributors, those with the focus of managing goals and resource development.
      • Participating contributors: Those that regularly contributed feedback, opinion, or evaluation notes.
    • Justine's edit for the intro: "With special thanks, this section acknowledges the following individuals' notable contributions. The method of identifying these individuals is in process and a list should be included in the next draft and updated for each subsequent draft.
  • Maturity Model David F:
  • Josh: Definitions, particularly w/ emerging technologies
  • Bruce: Metric for text contrast could be adapted to non-text
  • Jeanne: XR group finish methods and outcomes that didn't get completed. 5 outcomes for captions. Do-able in 2 months.
  • Sarah H: from user needs perspective, ways away from structure. Functional needs list (54)