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Conformance Glossary Candidates


Note for AGWG/Silver Reviewers: This draft wiki document is intended for gathering definitions of terms the Conformance Options Subgroup may want Silver and AGWG to consider using more rigorously. We expect this to be an "evergreen" reference. Should any term garner wide support, it would then leave this document and appear in an upcoming WCAG 3 Working Draft publication. Please note that adopting one of these terms in the WCAG Glossary might also trigger editorial updates throughout the WCAG 3 documents in order to achieve consistency of use.


The author (or Content Creator) is the person or entity creating content for publication on a web platform in any of several different formats, including text, code, audio, and video. While books have authors, musical compositions composers, and movies producers, all these and additional forms of digital product offered by a web content publisher using some digital platform are said to be authored for the purposes of this specification.


The act of submission, response, or action in accordance with provisions of applicable law, regulation, or treaties having the force of law. Entities are said to "comply with" laws and regulations, cf conformance. An example of laws, policies and regulations relevant to WCAG is the European Accessibility Act (EAA). An example of an international treaty is the World Intellectual Property Organization's Marrakesh Treaty, when formally adopted by a nation according to its laws and procedures for adopting compliance with international treaties.


The act of adherence to the provisions of a technical specification or standard. Entities are said to "conform to" a particular standard, cf compliance. An example in this context is this specification itself.

Digital Product

A product created in a digital format for use on, and tangible only when used on a computer, or some other electronic device.


The content owner is the person or entity legally owning the content. This can be the commissioner of the content or otherwise holder of the rights.


A software-based online infrastructure that facilitates interactions and transactions between and among publishers and users.


The publisher (or Content Provider) is the person or entity providing content to others through some platform, for example through a website, mobile app, or other user interface. The web publisher is often also the owner of the registered Internet domain through which content is provided to users.

Substantial Refresh

An important, meaningful, or considerable update or adjustment of content of a digital product. The phrase generally refers to updating of a large collection of digital products, or of a digital platform.

User Generated Content

Pending WD Publication

WAI-Wide Glossary Harmomization

An effort is currently forming in WAI Coordination to harmonize definitions across WAI specifications. Michael Cooper has culled WAI publications to create a master list for us to work from available in two formats:

*Glossary (Google Doc)