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ACT Rule Suite Repository

ACT Rules will be text documents, and keeping them together should be done in some kind of repository, possibly using GitHub as many projects at the W3C do already for ease of collaboration.

The ACT Rule Suite will have a WCAG Core Ruleset, that is determined to have be sufficiently accurate for WCAG conformance testing by the WCAG Working Group. This ruleset will be developed and maintained by the Auto-WCAG Community Group.

In addition to the WCAG Core Ruleset, the W3C Rule Suite will hold rule sets developed by other organizations, that were determined not to fit as part of the WCAG Core Rules. This can hold rules for other accessibility standards, as well as for best practices. Rule designed to give warnings of probable WCAG violations would also be accepted into this repository.

ACT Rule Suite Frontend

To give the rule suite a public face, a front end is required. This website of web app will serve as a common place where documentation can be found about exactly what these rules do. This resource will largely (if not entirely) be based on content derived from the rules themselves. The main purpose for this frontend is as a reference point and a 'hub' for harmonized accessibility conformance testing.

The information made available through the frontend will be kept up to date through a collaboration between the ACT Taskforce and groups such as Auto-WCAG, working on accessibility conformance test rules.