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See ACT Overview - What is ACT for an introduction to ACT.

1. ACT Framework Spec

The ACT Framework will be a W3C Recommendation. It specifies how to write test rules, including the syntax, structure, and requirements for such rules. Setting up this framework is the first stage of this process.

Current Work


This work has previously been incubated in the Auto-WCAG Community group:

Prior Work

Earlier work was carried out through the Open Ajax Alliance the W3C Evaluation and Repair Tools Working Group (closed):

2. ACT Rule Suite

The W3C ACT Rule Suite will be a non-normative collection of test rules that are proven to return results, deemed sufficiently accurate by the WCAG Working Group, that they can be used as a smoke test for (non) conformance to WCAG. In addition to this core set of WCAG rules, less accurate rule (useful as warnings), and rules for other accessibility standards and best practices will also be kept, though these are not actively benchmarked.

The Rule suite will be made up of a repository, holding a number of ACT Rulesets, including the WCAG Core Ruleset. The suite will also have a frontend that serves as a reference point. The development and maintenance of these products will be divided between Auto-WCAG CG and the ACT Taskforce.

For details, see the ACT Rule Suite description.


This work has been incubated in the Auto-WCAG Community group. A list of rules that have previously been published by Auto-WCAG can be found on the rules website at:

We also expect organizations to contribute their test rules - some have already indicated interest in this.

3. ACT Benchmark

The only way to make sure that the assumptions that are made as part of rules, are valid assumptions, and that there aren't any assumptions a rule designer might have overlooked, is by using the rule, and comparing it's results to expert evaluations.

Doing so will require the ACT Task Force to define a method on how to benchmark rules. An implementation of this benchmark can then be developed by Auto-WCAG, both to prove the effectiveness of the ACT Benchmark method, as well as for use in the ACT Suite (deliverable 3).

For details, see the ACT Benchmark description.