WCAG 2.2 Success Criteria Groups

From Cognitive Accessibility Task Force

NB this work is managed by the Accessible Guidelines Working Group (AGWG) along with other SCs. This page is just a pointer into that effort.

AGWG are now working on new Success Criteria (SC) for WCAG 2.2. Several of the new SCs have been proposed by the Coga TF during our recent Face to Face meeting. Each SC has a team consisting of a mix of people from the AGWG and Coga TF. The teams working on the Coga SCs are lead by members of the Coga TF.

The Coga SCs are:

  • Accessible Authentication
  • Essential controls are available without scrolling
  • Do not rely on users memorizing information
  • Make it easy to undo errors
  • Make it easy to find help

See the tracking document listed below in Resources. There is a Pattern for each of these in our Design Guide.

Working Process

Processing Feedback with GitHub Issues

(Notes from Jennie)

  Email Michael Cooper your name so you can be assigned to the github repository. This gives you the ability to assign something to you.
   Option 1

	1. Sign in
	2. Top right is assignees - type in your name, or use "assign to yourself"
	3. Read through
	4. At bottom, if you are comfortable, type in: "Draft Proposed response"
		a. add a HR tag
		b. Put in your comment
		c. Then in labels, you can add Survey - Ready for ?

    Option 2: if you want to discuss more privately
	• Grab link to this, copy into an email, put proposed response in an email into AGWG, or to chairs list if you prefer

   If there is a change that needs to be made to the SC, or the Understanding Document

   You can make a new branch, and make a pull request; and if not comfortable can put this in as a comment with what you think should happen, and Alastair can put this into a pullrequest and then into the survey