Meta data support

From Cognitive Accessibility Task Force

Issue paper - meta-data support

Current situation

Not all content is usable by everyone. Some important content will need simplified version or versions with extra support.

Finding the right version for coga users is not currently supported in standards such as DC.

Proposed solution

1.We need to say the coga related features of this version

2. We need to say if an alternative exists that provides extra support for coga users

Such as:

This version uses vocabulary of the most common 5000 words (Note - other tags say the language.)

eg: <meta name="coga-feature" content="" /> This would be in heading of the document itself

There is an alternative version with simplified content. (Eg the most common 1000 words).

eg: <link rel="alternate" type="coga" href="/mypage-simplified.html" /> This would be in the heading different versions of the page

The support information of alternative versions can be documented in the metadata of the alternative version itself and not every place that references it.

Easy personalization

The user can say what features they want via the json syntax in The scripts described there should select the correct version when available.

Of course other mechanisms can be provided to enable the user to find the correct version.

It is important that this meta-data can be attached in a cms system to alternative sections of content. In this case the scripts should serve the correct snippets to match the user preferences.

What support features do we document

We support referencing COGA techniques. For that we need to reference the uri of specific support feature. COGA techniques will need to document clearly the different options and provide separate URIs .