List for Gap Analysis V2

From Cognitive Accessibility Task Force

to do list for V2 of the gap analisis and roadmap

We are publishing a new versions of the gap analisis and roadmap (see

This version will have

1. Update the tables of user needs. For

  • [done]Populate the wiki page at WCAG COGA SC and To Do List (assigned to Lisa)
  • [done]Update the links in the first section (before the tables) (assigned to Lisa)
  • Update any references to W3C publications (assigned to Roy)
  • [John R] Update any links in the table (need to assign)
  • [done] Mark anything that is in WCAG 2.1 (Lisa - hopefuly)
  • [done]Change COGA prefix to AUI (adaptable user interface)(Lisa- hopefuly)
  • Editorial review. (John R - Done, Branch for viewing.)
    • Mark any "to add" notes to "editors note"
    • Clarify any unlear test
    • remove any @@ signes

2. Add summaries of more issue papers. For issues papers (Jan and Shari)

  • identify what ones need to go in
  • write summarys

3. Add the google doc on how to make content usable for people with cognative and learning disabilities as an Appendix For the new appendix:

  • [done] Work on the requirements sections (feb)
  • [done] write new sections (feb)
  • [done] add editorial notes for what is missing (first week march)
  • editorial review (week of 11/03/2018)

Note for the NEXT publication we will continue working on readable design requirements at

Approving and comments for each section

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Comments are being collected at