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From Cognitive Accessibility Task Force

Notes for images for examples of good and bad practice

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  • example:
  • objective 1 (good) clear title (h1 or h2 ), clear buttons, you know were u are and what going on (at


    • 4.2.1Pattern: Make the Purpose of Your Page Clear - high priority
    • 4.2.2Pattern: Use a Design that the User is Likely to Recognize and Understand - high priority
    • 4.2.3Pattern: Use a Consistent Visual Design
    • 4.2.4Pattern: Make Each Step Clear (if there are steps)
    • 4.2.5Pattern: Clearly Identify Controls and Their Use - high priority
    • 4.2.6Pattern: Make the Relationship Clear Between Controls and What They Affect
    • 4.2.7Pattern: Use Symbols that Help the User - high priority
  • objective 1 (fail) no title, not sure what is clickable or whats going on/ what step we are at (at
    • fails at 2 - 4 of the patterns above
  • objective 2
  • objective 3
  • objective 4