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ACTION-171 (edit) pending review add about Knowing the number of steps a process needs, before it starts, can hael with confidence that i can do a task to John Kirkwood 2016-05-30
ACTION-173 (edit) open And debbie dahl to draft issue paper on coga use groups using bots including spelling,, asking for help, losing context, making mistakes, need to write the right words John Kirkwood 2016-07-18
ACTION-290 (edit) open Make themes less wordy John Kirkwood 2018-08-02
ACTION-308 (edit) open Prototype plain language and familiar design for silver, rachael , jamie, john kirkwood John Kirkwood 2019-02-05
ACTION-327 (edit) open Make first example screen shot for objctive 1 John Kirkwood 2020-07-23

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