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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed review of appl Suzanne Taylor 2014-05-12
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Review of adaptivity Dr Kinshuk 2014-05-12
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Gettign the ageing subgroup ready for review Katie Haritos-Shea 2014-05-12
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Maintain page on good and bad practice John Rochford 2014-05-12
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Maintain page on good and bad practice Dr Kinshuk 2014-05-12
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Check that josephs get the info on non-vocal updated in 2 weeks Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-05-19
ACTION-7 (edit) closed to get downs ready for review John Foliot 2014-05-12
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Maintain research page John Rochford 2014-05-26
ACTION-9 (edit) closed to draft subheadings for consistency for cog functions and challanges Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-05-26
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Look at c6, c7, c9 and c10 (maybe c8) of apip where reserch is from and how it is used Suzanne Taylor 2014-05-26
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Contact webaim on their user studies on cognitive disabilities Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-06-16
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Ping steve on actions on gpii and access 4 all review Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-06-16
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Do review aria Cynthia Shelly 2014-06-16
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Review fluid Richard Schwerdtfeger 2014-06-16
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Review rdfa Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-06-16
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Simplification tech review Deborah Dahl 2014-06-16
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Do useability review - step 1: defining scope and terms Elle Waters 2014-06-23
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Bug usergroups not ion list for update Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-07-14
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Review input type numeri Neil Milliken 2014-07-21
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Dahl to review emotion markup Deborah Dahl 2014-07-21
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Remove todo boxes Neil Milliken 2014-07-21
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Add link to clare trott to gap analisis Neil Milliken 2014-07-21
ACTION-23 (edit) closed T write into to chunk 1 and send to list Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-07-21
ACTION-24 (edit) closed And steve to add reserch to aging group Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-07-21
ACTION-25 (edit) closed And suzann_keohane to implement coment on aging group Mary Jo Mueller 2014-07-21
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Merge asphasi and non vocal E.A. Draffan 2014-07-21
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Rue to look at kates research, add either "todo box" to the ds section or incorporate it into the wiki Debra Ruh 2014-07-28
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Rue to look link of the guidelines sectio, check links and remove guidlines that are not based on resech on ds Debra Ruh 2014-07-28
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Keohane to try and include more research, or add a "todo box" of missing reaserch Susann Keohane 2014-07-28
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Post schedules to the list Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-08-04
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Keohane and aging subgroup to add content about rearch before snapshot Susann Keohane 2014-08-04
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Write toc for editors draft Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-08-18
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Ping add group and introduce niel Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-08-25
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Ping aging group to check all research is mentioned Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-08-25
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Add warnings to wiki if a section has been ported Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-08-25
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Set day for github training Michael Cooper 2014-08-25
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Review daisy and epub Katherine Deibel 2014-09-01
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Review voiceml Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-09-01
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Review web security technologies John Rochford 2014-09-01
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Ask list about ftf venues Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-09-15
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Ask list about tpac - what groups do we need to speek to Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-09-15
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Tech review of Indi UI Steve Lee 2014-09-15
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Tech review of WebRTC Steve Lee 2014-09-15
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Add tags for cognitive functions to the techniques page Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-09-22
ACTION-45 (edit) closed the techniques page the wiki Dr Kinshuk 2014-09-22
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Tidy cognitive functions table and set it up on the wiki Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-09-22
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Remind all user groups add the access stratgies from our user groups to Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-09-29
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Remind all user groups add the thier info to the cognativve tags table Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-09-29
ACTION-49 (edit) closed And susannk to review and identify todo action from adha contribution in the wiki Mary Jo Mueller 2014-09-29
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Reach out to james about biometrics, personal spi chip token as alterntive to 2 step solutions and capture Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-09-29
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Ask kate and neil to work on tabel Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-10-06
ACTION-52 (edit) closed With johnr write introduction for user group reserch Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-10-13
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Wirh johnr make draft of the cognative functions table Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-10-13
ACTION-54 (edit) closed And lisa to reach out to people who write help text for coga users, to find out what they do and what reserch and user testing John Rochford 2014-10-13
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Add dyslexia techniques to techniques page Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-10-27
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Review dyslexia techniques and add to techniques page Anthony Doran 2014-10-27
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Dahl to add to techniques page on asphasia Deborah Dahl 2014-10-27
ACTION-58 (edit) closed And john rochford to draft template for issue papers Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-10-27
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Ask uaag what was untestable in 3.1.1 Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-10-27
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Check there are no todo items to add to the add section Neil Milliken 2014-11-10
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Proof read user group, new content sections John Rochford 2014-11-10
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Find out how glossary is pulled in Richard Schwerdtfeger 2014-11-10
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Write issue paper Frederick Boland 2014-11-10
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Keohane to add techniques from aging subgroup Susann Keohane 2014-11-10
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Milliken to add dyscula technique to the technique page Neil Milliken 2015-03-02
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Milliken to write issues doc on how we use numbers on the web Neil Milliken 2015-03-02
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Seeman to write issues doc on voiceml and neil milliken on voice activation Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-11-17
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Doran ask the bda about research for different recommendations Anthony Doran 2014-11-17
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Add to main page of wiki what we are working on and were things are Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2014-12-08
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Draffan, and debra and joseph to seprate non verble and aspasia into two sections. lisa to send the file E.A. Draffan 2014-12-08
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Also work on the cognitive function table and tags E.A. Draffan 2014-12-15
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Write the techniques for adhd, and autism Michel Fitos 2014-12-15
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Ruh to write the techniques for down syndrome Debra Ruh 2015-02-16
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Write issue paper for gathering user preferences Steve Lee 2014-12-22
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Put teplate for techniques onto the main page of the wiki Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-01-12
ACTION-76 (edit) pending review Ea steve choi to look at issue paper to changing content for user needs eg - the user symbols or the user famier playes or help scafolding Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-02-09
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Putting together summary on easy reading Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-02-09
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Add techneques for autisim to John Rochford 2015-03-02
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Ask steve for more information on reserch that disagrees with what we have cited Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-03-02
ACTION-80 (edit) closed List and main page how to do refrences Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-03-16
ACTION-81 (edit) closed And niel make detailed schedule for ftf and then invite if needed Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-03-30
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Follow up with jamie night Neil Milliken 2015-04-06
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Draft issue paper on interoprable personalization standards Mike Pluke 2015-04-06
ACTION-84 (edit) closed And john to draft how we want to do gap analisis Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-04-06
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Ask gotfreid if we can review urc Richard Schwerdtfeger 2015-04-06
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Explain the second example in the methodolgy Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-04-20
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Ask chair of wcag what they need and the format and rule for wcag extention Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-04-20
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Change down syndrom section to intelectual disabilities and use ds as an example , with discalimer John Rochford 2015-04-28
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Look at harminze with the who and eman and dsm and icf , ism Ayelet Seeman 2015-04-28
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Write a speck for json/rest personlisation thing Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-04-28
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Identify what pieces are needed for thejson speck Steve Lee 2015-04-28
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Will add this research back into the paper Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-04-29
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Make the stucture consitent of the techneques Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-04-29
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Add mike's issue paper Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-04-29
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Modality issue paper John Rochford 2015-04-29
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Dyscalculia issue paper E.A. Draffan 2015-04-29
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Graded help issue paper Steve Lee 2015-04-29
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Attention and distraction issue paper Anthony Doran 2015-04-29
ACTION-99 (edit) closed second stab at interoperable user preferences Mike Pluke 2015-04-29
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Restructure techniques page Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-04-29
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Write up new time lines Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-05-04
ACTION-102 (edit) closed And jamie will collaborate with debra on issue paper to address help appropriate behaviors Ayelet Seeman 2015-05-27
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Check that litral or mefor is in the page of suggested aria sematics Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-05-04
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Right up the aria proposal as requirment and add aria-function Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-05-25
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Set up call for json coodintaition, what do we need to define to get started Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-06-15
ACTION-106 (edit) closed And chaohai to think what else they need Ayelet Seeman 2015-06-15
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Head gap analisis on numbers and dysculia Anthony Doran 2015-06-22
ACTION-108 (edit) closed And chao to review and gap annlisis on symbols from non verbal E.A. Draffan 2015-06-22
ACTION-109 (edit) closed to review and gap annalise on voice ml Deborah Dahl 2015-06-15
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Ask people to do issue paper Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-06-15
ACTION-111 (edit) closed to review and gap annalise on voice ml Deborah Dahl 2015-06-15
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Sajka to review and gap annalise on web of things Janina Sajka 2015-06-15
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Ruh and katie to do gpa on online payments Debra Ruh 2015-06-22
ACTION-114 (edit) closed to do gpa on personlization group Steve Lee 2015-06-22
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Perform gap analisis on <> Jamie Knight 2015-06-22
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Perform gap analisis on distractions Neil Milliken 2015-06-22
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Perform gap analisis on graded help when we have a copy and how it fits into with in Mary Jo Mueller 2015-06-22
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Update easy personiltion with the need for nabling the use to replace widgets/ components like video player, whilst keeping the content the same. this will enable a player to be loaded that the user understands how to work. idealy this should work with Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-07-06
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Talk to lisa about graded help and difrent langguae abilities, complexity and symbols , sometimes you want full symbols, somtimes part symbols and for older people pictures Steve Lee 2015-07-06
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Send to ea and the write wiki page difrent types of symbols and lanuae support Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-07-06
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Ping people not on the call about thier action items Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-07-13
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Add dysculcula techneques to github, lisa to add them to gap annalis John Rochford 2015-07-13
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Make sample symbol set and text tool tips for link types and buttons types from John Rochford 2015-07-13
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Summarize relivent existing standards and best practices for voice Deborah Dahl 2015-08-03
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Find standards for voice Mike Pluke 2015-08-03
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Update security paper and see if anything is missing from the tchnese and gap analis John Rochford 2015-08-17
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Review meta data with andy heath Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-08-17
ACTION-128 (edit) closed And mike to think though aria-extrahelp=”humanhelp” and possibly remove from proposal for now Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-08-17
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Do an issue paper on meta data support Liddy Nevile 2015-08-24
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Ensure time is on a call soon Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-08-24
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Look for things missing from techneues and gapanlisis paper based on the issue paper on mobility John Rochford 2015-08-31
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Look for things missing from techneues and gapanlisis paper based on the issue paper on modiality paper John Rochford 2015-08-31
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Gap anlaisis for malit modal Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-09-25
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Gap anlaisis for secirty Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-09-25
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Review Deborah Dahl 2015-10-02
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Review voice issu pager for gap analisis Deborah Dahl 2015-10-02
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Add points from her review of personlisation to issue papers such as adding to multi modal the need to access correct part, replay, and familuer interface? Mary Jo Mueller 2015-10-09
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Add points from her to issue papers such as adding to multi modal the issue to go back to the last point, index and have deviders. what makes audio and vidie useable E.A. Draffan 2015-10-09
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Add updates form conversation to voice and menu systems Deborah Dahl 2015-10-09
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Add to gap analisis more work needed looking into menus and voice for limited speach with natrial languge Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-10-09
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Check these are the two issues that group wants from us Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-11-09
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Neil mike rewrite wcag extention for testability and applicability Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-11-16
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Neil mike rewrite wcag extention for testability and applicability Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-11-16
ACTION-144 (edit) closed John r get user needs for gap analysis Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-11-16
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Table or summary or both - ask both parent wg and judy Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-11-30
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Followup on mj access to github Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2015-12-07
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Join subgroup on gap analysis table Kurt Mattes 2016-01-11
ACTION-148 (edit) closed And janina to look at gap analysis summary for initial review Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-01-11
ACTION-149 (edit) closed And rich write a introduction for gap annalisis Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-01-18
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Put together an integrated document with all the bits included of gap analisis Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-02-08
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Write up emotional mark up Deborah Dahl 2016-02-22
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Add about risk of storing user prefrences to Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-02-22
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Look at iso doc and see if there are issues we are missing Mike Pluke 2016-02-22
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Ask the list if there are any objections Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-02-29
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Build table 3.7, and debbie will biuld examples in emma Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-03-07
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Lisa and niel to review kurts email after they finish the text review Mike Pluke 2016-03-07
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Write sample page Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-03-21
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Do the proofing of the distractions issue paper . the issue paper is at, and the todo list on what needs to happen is John Kirkwood 2016-03-28
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Do the proofing of the sematics issue paper . the issue paper is at, and the todo list on what needs to happen is Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-03-28
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Do the proofing of the online safefty issue paper . the issue paper is todo list on what needs to happen is Renaldo Bernard 2016-03-28
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Do the proofing of the roadmap paper at the list on what needs to happen is Katie Haritos-Shea 2016-03-28
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Do the proofing of the symbols paper . the list on what needs to happen is E.A. Draffan 2016-03-28
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Do the proofing of thepayments at . the list on what needs to happen is Kurt Mattes 2016-03-28
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Do the proofing of the web of things at the list on what needs to happen is Janina Sajka 2016-03-28
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Look at table 7 at and decide if you like the format (ping me if you have any questions Janina Sajka 2016-03-28
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Look at table 7 at and decide if you like the format (ping me if you have any questions Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-03-28
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Do the proofing of the flat design issue paper on github. the list on what needs to happen is Mary Jo Mueller 2016-04-11
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Cambron do the proofing of the numbers issue paper . the issue paper is at, and the todo list on what needs to happen is Thaddeus Cambron 2016-04-18
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Accept lisa's email address in her spam filter so that lisa can touch base with you about your other actions! (or find some other way to reach lisa) Katie Haritos-Shea 2016-04-18
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Ayelet lisa to work on personlisation issues papers and what needs to happen is Mike Pluke 2016-04-25
ACTION-171 (edit) pending review add about Knowing the number of steps a process needs, before it starts, can hael with confidence that i can do a task to John Kirkwood 2016-05-30
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Find the average attention span of adhd John Kirkwood 2016-06-20
ACTION-173 (edit) open And debbie dahl to draft issue paper on coga use groups using bots including spelling,, asking for help, losing context, making mistakes, need to write the right words John Kirkwood 2016-07-18
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Rich and maybe thud to review tables as subgroup Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-07-18
ACTION-175 (edit) closed And lisa to write an issue paper on user testing and ethics for cognative Neil Milliken 2016-07-25
ACTION-176 (edit) pending review And relando to draft user reserch on emitionl disabilite Thaddeus Cambron 2016-07-25
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Review user research on emotioal disabilities Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-07-25
ACTION-178 (edit) pending review Issue paper on task completion and emotional suppot Thaddeus Cambron 2016-07-25
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Write up the log as a proposal in the sematics docment Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-07-25
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Identify any differences with etsi documents Mike Pluke 2016-08-22
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Make new todo list Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-08-22
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Follow up wit anyone who has not submitted at least a draft Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-10-27
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Mike and mary jo review Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-10-27
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Todo lang sc Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-11-03
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Follow up with siusan on her sc if not resaing Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-11-03
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Put undo into template Thaddeus Cambron 2016-11-03
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Sort out next weeks call Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-11-03
ACTION-188 (edit) closed And john_r to do copy editing Jan McSorley 2016-11-21
ACTION-189 (edit) open Cambron and jan and bernard user reserch module on emotional dibilities Thaddeus Cambron 2016-12-12
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Draft phase to proposal Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-12-12
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Tiedy up issue page Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-12-12
ACTION-192 (edit) open Help john kirkwood on issue paper on bot Susann Keohane 2016-12-19
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Speek to michael if we can recurte emotional disabilities experts Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-12-19
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Sugest to new disbilty groups for reaserch Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-12-19
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Reach out to madline rothberg about metadata and make sure it gets adressed soon Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-12-19
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Copy edit the new tables at including adding acronym tags John Rochford 2016-12-19
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Add manager to status for sc Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2016-12-26
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Bug everyone to take two sc Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-01-16
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Make intial pritation to the sc tonight Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-01-16
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Contact jan Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-02-13
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Add google doc to aprouch people Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-03-13
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Write simple version for the wcag draft - all to edit .... Jan McSorley 2017-03-20
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Make a new document Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-03-20
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Sugets how to spit up on coga github: accessible-authentication.html wcag issue 23 Mike Pluke 2017-03-20
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Find out what the process is for new wording, and for responcence to comments Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-03-27
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Clarify were does new wording for sc in the current working draft Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-03-27
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Clarify how we track comments Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-03-27
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Set time 10 easten on monday Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-03-27
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Make a poll and tell everyone Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-05-01
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Look into what is a section lenght that needs a summary sentece in eduaction matirials Jan McSorley 2017-05-15
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Explain the plain lang sc to wcag Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-05-22
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Send us some reserch on what is a long document for providing support John Rochford 2017-05-22
ACTION-213 (edit) closed Review, John Rochford 2017-05-22
ACTION-214 (edit) closed And mike to get new draft of accessible authtification John Rochford 2017-05-22
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Add comment on long dosument to issue 32 Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-05-22
ACTION-216 (edit) open Make poll for new time Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-06-12
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Ask ask challes macthy nevill other sematics docucment for web aps and build some techneques Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-06-19
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Find out if you can use apip to expose contextual information and identfity essential function Jan McSorley 2017-06-19
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Ansewer the four comment John Rochford 2017-06-26
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Try and set up the meeting with web authetifcation Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-06-26
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Check with david mackdonald, on feedback back issue 54 Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-07-31
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Set up google doc for understading section Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-08-10
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Ask michale to set suplement templatre call Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-08-10
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Set up google doc for understading section Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-08-10
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Reach pout to silver michael and jannina if they like the idea of issue paper scoping diffrent askiects of accessibilty inclusive Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-08-17
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Ask the list sugestions. isue paper in how to make ict accesble, to coga, scope wider then wcag, include usertesting, we include bot, we incude user g=agents, speficis such as navigation. , go fencing, Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-08-17
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Milliken, shari , andy think about structure of Neil Milliken 2017-08-24
ACTION-228 (edit) closed Copy info fro the issue Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-08-31
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Tell thad about tpac Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-09-14
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Make timeline Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-09-14
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Make timeline Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-09-14
ACTION-232 (edit) open Make template in google docs for converationanal interfaces Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-09-14
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Ask wcag who would like to have a call on how to minimise the risk to sc's Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-09-14
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Ask john r, and mike to take on an accessible authfication technque Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-09-21
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Ask shari abour ull information and supplement Jan McSorley 2017-09-21
ACTION-236 (edit) closed And lisa to do a technique on monday Jan McSorley 2017-09-21
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Add some content to ull information and supplement as examples Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-09-21
ACTION-238 (edit) open Work with john k. to fill out agendum 6. "next issue papers for people who are autistic Pietro Cirrincione 2017-09-21
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Send petro a draft email for review of wcag 2.1 Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-10-05
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Ut together the persona section for the Jan McSorley 2017-10-05
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Make "linked to " document fpor persona Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-10-05
ACTION-242 (edit) closed , and lisa add the coga sc to John Kirkwood 2017-10-05
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Ask andy andrew jan about when their techneques will be in. and ask if we need to split up johns Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-10-26
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Send personalization survey link to list Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-10-26
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Add the wbs link to the personalization wiki Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-10-26
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Find for implention websites for interuptions - ie four websites that conform to the success cryteria John Kirkwood 2017-11-02
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Find for implention websites for accessible authentification success cryteria John Rochford 2017-11-02
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Check with wcag if each item listed needs impletion in pourpose of controls, and if autocomplete is included Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-11-02
ACTION-249 (edit) closed And shari to help lisa write the system requirments Jan McSorley 2017-11-09
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Wrote about web athentifcation to rewuire one conformant method Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-11-23
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Check with silver that coga experts are being included in 1. process and 2. stakeholders John Kirkwood 2018-01-11
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Millikem, kirkwood and all to try with recuting Neil Milliken 2018-01-11
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Campbell to own the techniques for wcag Alastair Campbell 2018-01-18
ACTION-254 (edit) closed Campbell write recuting blurb Alastair Campbell 2018-01-18
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Make new draft of the implention -instructions for grese mony and serfari and chrome -document: on the accesibty support what been tested -each item in the current list is implement -up-to-date version of the personlation specification. Mark Wilcock 2018-01-18
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Make new draft of the implention -instructions for grese mony and serfari and chrome -document: on the accesibty support what been tested -each item in the current list is implement -up-to-date version of the personlation specification. Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-01-18
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Find out who intends to serousrly work on the apendix or edit it . Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-01-18
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Staw poll for serousrly work on the apendix as sub team Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-01-18
ACTION-259 (edit) closed Chec itf people want a new time Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-01-25
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Review comments at and check they are adressed in understding sections in Alastair Campbell 2018-02-01
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Review understding sections in Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-02-01
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Make document for pillers/ areas that we would like to see changes Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-02-15
ACTION-263 (edit) closed And john kirkwood to look at roadmap and gap anlisis genral edit and make it understandable John Rochford 2018-02-15
ACTION-264 (edit) closed And john kirkwood to look at roadmap and gap anlisis genral edit and make it understandable John Rochford 2018-02-15
ACTION-265 (edit) closed Make a google docs to vet the tables, and other items for the gap anlis publication Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-02-15
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Move aproval to google docs Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-02-22
ACTION-267 (edit) closed Write to wcag and check are techniqies are in. Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-02-22
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Write to wcag with the links from branch of understanding and techniques Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-02-22
ACTION-269 (edit) closed Happy to make his site an implemetation of our sc Mark Wilcock 2018-03-01
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Wilcock to review the understanding doc for idenify purpose Mark Wilcock 2018-03-08
ACTION-271 (edit) closed Review the understanding doc for timeouts John Kirkwood 2018-03-08
ACTION-272 (edit) closed Send john and email wiht uri for the github branch to edit. Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-03-15
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Review undering 1.3.5 and 1.3.4 understing Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-04-26
ACTION-274 (edit) closed Review understanding timeouts John Kirkwood 2018-04-26
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Review undering 1.3.5 and 1.3.4 understing Mark Wilcock 2018-04-26
ACTION-276 (edit) closed Review undering E.A. Draffan 2018-04-26
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Find uot updates on symbols Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-04-26
ACTION-278 (edit) closed Make issue paer summaires a google docs Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-04-26
ACTION-279 (edit) closed Review the goggle doc on issuepaer summaries E.A. Draffan 2018-04-26
ACTION-280 (edit) closed Review the goggle doc on issuepaer summaries John Kirkwood 2018-04-26
ACTION-281 (edit) closed Review the goggle doc on issuepaer summaries Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-04-26
ACTION-282 (edit) closed Review the goggle doc on issuepaer summaries Shari Butler 2018-04-26
ACTION-283 (edit) closed Campbell to adress comments and notes in the google docs. including and Alastair Campbell 2018-04-26
ACTION-284 (edit) closed Review Shari Butler 2018-04-26
ACTION-285 (edit) closed Put this into our wiki Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-05-10
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Sumarise what is needed and missing from from a w3c section Janina Sajka 2018-06-14
ACTION-287 (edit) closed Put together a gogle doc of all our publication and what they are and who they are for, and their purpse Alastair Campbell 2018-06-14
ACTION-288 (edit) closed redo names of gap anlisis and add two three senteces on what the section is and who it is for Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-07-05
ACTION-289 (edit) closed Do easy reading summary John Rochford 2018-08-02
ACTION-290 (edit) open Make themes less wordy John Kirkwood 2018-08-02
ACTION-291 (edit) open Make script to alow sections to expand Ruoxi Ran 2018-08-02
ACTION-292 (edit) closed Seperate apendix Ruoxi Ran 2018-08-02
ACTION-293 (edit) closed Make second draft of easy reading summary Jan McSorley 2018-09-13
ACTION-294 (edit) closed Review gap analisis and see what is missing. (maybe chanlges in the user reserch modules, tables need redone and issue papers updated for emtional and gps and conversonalal interface Janina Sajka 2018-10-11
ACTION-295 (edit) open Scedule face to face Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-10-18
ACTION-296 (edit) open Add links to undfinshed workl to summary of our docs in wiki Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-10-18
ACTION-297 (edit) open Seeman to make ftf to list Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-12-06
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Create a tracker page Ruoxi Ran 2018-12-19
ACTION-299 (edit) open Seprate personilsation and semayics from the table Ruoxi Ran 2018-12-27
ACTION-300 (edit) open Writing up my definition of the disability vs general needs for gap analisis Abi James 2018-12-27
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Add to one table section the use case etcwriting up my definition of the disability vs general needs for gap analisis Steve Lee 2018-12-27
ACTION-302 (edit) open Add to one table section the use case etcwriting up my definition of the disability vs general needs for gap analisis Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-12-27
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Test the tracker Ruoxi Ran 2019-01-31
ACTION-304 (edit) open - identify terms that need to be defined first Steve Lee 2019-02-05
ACTION-305 (edit) closed - update the table in gogle docs with updates of jamies sesion on duplicates Steve Lee 2019-02-05
ACTION-306 (edit) open - ut in the changes from the overlap conversation into the document - jamies sesion on duplicates Steve Lee 2019-02-05
ACTION-307 (edit) open Page on our user needs per wcag 4 items…jamie with alister lisa / rachael?? Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2019-02-05
ACTION-308 (edit) open Prototype plain language and familiar design for silver, rachael , jamie, john kirkwood John Kirkwood 2019-02-05
ACTION-309 (edit) open Restructure gap analysis jennie, jamie, e.a.& steve are to clarify the user experience for 3.1 Jennifer Delisi 2019-02-05
ACTION-310 (edit) open Review etzi etsi document and Abi James 2019-02-14
ACTION-311 (edit) open Coodinate subgroup for silver protping Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2019-02-21
ACTION-312 (edit) closed Coordinate webex for monday Steve Lee 2019-02-21
ACTION-313 (edit) open Tract rachel is on the right branch of the pattens Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2019-06-13
ACTION-314 (edit) open Ask steve next thing involves steve , we need someone to check the pattern's name, i think steve is the right person to do that Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2019-07-04
ACTION-315 (edit) open Add a tab for sc feedback chanels Steve Lee 2019-07-25
ACTION-316 (edit) open Review and fast checklist John Foliot 2019-10-03
ACTION-317 (edit) open Ensure authentication sc is emailed Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2019-10-31
ACTION-318 (edit) open And rachael add the user needs from abis analisis Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2019-11-07
ACTION-319 (edit) open Update content and send to list. will try to close on list Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2019-11-14
ACTION-320 (edit) open Make scribe list Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2020-01-16
ACTION-321 (edit) open Send out agenda when available Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2020-01-16
ACTION-322 (edit) open And rachael to write email for john to forward to mental health professional Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2020-02-13
ACTION-323 (edit) open Send john r instructions and what lisa wrote Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2020-02-27
ACTION-324 (edit) open Will add user need and see also to persona on each pattern Steve Lee 2020-03-05
ACTION-325 (edit) open Make list of changes Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2020-03-05
ACTION-326 (edit) open Find out statis on wcag proposals Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2020-03-19
ACTION-327 (edit) open Make first example screen shot for objctive 1 John Kirkwood 2020-07-23
ACTION-328 (edit) open Get together diverse group to make sure the personas are representative Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2020-08-06
ACTION-329 (edit) open Make new scibe list Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2020-08-13
ACTION-330 (edit) open Read over the google doc version of the content useable Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2020-10-22
ACTION-331 (edit) open Review john and steves pater Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2020-10-22
ACTION-332 (edit) open Ask autsim speeks David Fazio 2021-01-21
ACTION-333 (edit) open Make sure designer is included in acknowledgements Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2021-02-18
ACTION-334 (edit) open Reach out to apa. ask for deadline to review David Fazio 2021-05-13
ACTION-335 (edit) open Update wiki to add timeline page Rain Breaw Michaels 2021-06-09
ACTION-336 (edit) closed Learn about facilitation from roy Rain Breaw Michaels 2021-06-09
ACTION-337 (edit) closed Follow up with johnr regarding next steps on silver and clear words collaboration Rain Breaw Michaels 2021-06-10
ACTION-338 (edit) open Follow up on whether or not anonymized data is acceptable within w3c contexts. Justine Pascalides 2021-06-14
ACTION-339 (edit) open Confirm with the community group (through our asynchronous communication channel) that the group is comfortable with the kpis proposed on the timeline Rashmi Katakwar 2022-03-10
ACTION-340 (edit) open look at this topic Jan McSorley 2022-04-14

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