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Resources and References

These are resources and references the WCAG WG has used while working on the WCAG 2.0 Working Draft. These will likely be incorporated into the various Techniques for WCAG 2.0 documents.

Color Perception

An excellent resource for showing what the site will look like to someone that is colorblind. (Lee Roberts) Also refer to their list of Information and Links
MSN article about color contrast.
Please refer to the section entitled "Pump up the Contrast". (Lee Roberts)
Colorblindness Information Page, Dai-Sho, Inc.
Overview of the most common color perception problems. Explains how different color combinations are difficult to read. (Lee Roberts)
The Lighthouse
This site suggests using colors from opposite ends of the spectrum. Additionally, it has several color charts that depict the difference in color spectrum and contrasting colors. There is a great deal of information on the subject on this page. (Lee Roberts)
Designing for the Color-challenged: Applet
This site has an applet that will show how colors look to the color-blind. (Lee Roberts)
MSDN (can't get this one to work)
Excellent color comparisons (Lee Roberts)
Selected Resources on Disability and Web Use: Color Blindness Trace R&D Center
(Ben Caldwell)
Color Conversion Algorithms
These convert between different types of color models, e.g. RGB to HSV. (Bengt Farre)

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