Supplemental Guidance Requirements Analysis

From Low Vision Accessibility Task Force
See GitHub Issue: Beyond WCAG – Guidance...
1. Motivations/Background
2. Proposal, Notes, Benefits


WAI is finalizing a WAI-wide approach to "supplemental guidance"/best practice guidance that integrates information for low vision, cognitive, mobile, and others.

Different documents have different audiences and approaches:

  • User Needs/Accessibility Requirements for People with Low Vision is from the perspective of the user needs. Its primary goal is to inform standards.
  • WCAG has strict parameters that impact the content and wording. Its goal is to provide a broadly-applicable, testable standard.
  • Supplemental guidance takes a different approach. Its primary goal is easy-to-use guidance for designing and developing digital content. It is not required to meet WCAG, and does not have the same limitations as WCAG.
    • OPEN ISSUE: scope to include user agents?

Context (Background, Proposal Benefits)

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Purpose, Objectives, Goals


Audience, Use Cases, Tasks, User Flows