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Technique List

Techniques used to satisfy 1.4.8 (Visual Presentation
Technique Technology Implementations
Using named font sizes CSS 2
Using em units for font sizes CSS 5
Specifying alignment either to the left OR right in CSS CSS 5
Using relative measurements to set column widths so that lines can average 80 characters or less when the browser is resized CSS 3
Specifying line spacing in CSS CSS 4
Using percentage values in CSS for container sizes CSS 2
Providing options within the content to switch to a layout that does not require the user to scroll horizontally to read a line of text CSS 1
Not specifying background color, not specifying text color, and not using technology features that change those defaults General 1
Using a technology that has commonly-available user agents that can change the foreground and background of blocks of text General 4
Aligning text on only one side General 3
Not interfering with the user agent's reflow of text as the viewing window is narrowed (X)HTML 3