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Implementation Details for Elabs Research Site

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Details for Elabs Research Site
Contact Name: Matthew Ross
Organization: State Services Commission, New Zealand Government
Externality: [greybox]
Submitter: Self
Conformance Level: AA
Type of site: Government
Language: English
Site size: 11 - 100 pages
Starting URL: http://research.elabs.govt.nz/
Conformance Scope:

The following pages from http://research.elabs.govt.nz/ :
1. Home page: http://research.elabs.govt.nz/
2. Sample page with user contributed content: http://research.elabs.govt.nz/nz-govt-feed-standard/
3. About this site page: http://research.elabs.govt.nz/about/
4. Contact us form: http://research.elabs.govt.nz/contact/
5. Article with tabular report: http://research.elabs.govt.nz/macron-support-in-open-source-web-applications/

Technologies relied upon: XHTML
Technologies not relied upon:

CSS, Javascript, PDF

Evaluation Results
Success Criterion Level Evaluation Comments
1.1.1: Non-text Content A Pass

Implementor addressed problems.

1.2.1: Audio-only and Video-only (Prerecorded) A N/A  
1.2.2: Captions (Prerecorded) A N/A  
1.2.3: Audio Description or Full Text Alternative A N/A  
1.2.4: Captions (Live) AA N/A  
1.2.5: Audio Description AA N/A  
1.3.1: Info and Relationships A Pass

Implementor addressed problems identified by Gez before Sharron reviewed site.

1.3.2: Meaningful Sequence A Pass  
1.3.3: Sensory Characteristics A Pass

Implementor addressed problems identified by Gez before Sharron reviewed site.

1.4.1: Use of Color A Pass

Implementor addressed problems by using G183: Using a contrast ratio of 3:1 with surrounding text and providing additional visual cues on focus for links or controls where color alone is used to identify them

1.4.2: Audio Control A N/A  
1.4.3: Contrast (Minimum) AA Pass  
1.4.4: Resize text AA Pass  
1.4.5: Images of Text AA N/A  
2.1.1: Keyboard A Pass

Implementor addressed problems

2.1.2: No Keyboard Trap A N/A  
2.2.1: Timing Adjustable A N/A  
2.2.2: Pause, Stop, Hide A N/A  
2.3.1: Three Flashes or Below Threshold A N/A  
2.4.1: Bypass Blocks A N/A  
2.4.2: Page Titled A Pass  
2.4.3: Focus Order A Pass  
2.4.4: Link Purpose (In Context) A Pass

Sharron accepted Gez's analysis.

2.4.5: Multiple Ways AA Pass  
2.4.6: Headings and Labels AA Pass  
2.4.7: Focus Visible AA Pass

Implementor addressed problems identified by Gez before Sharron reviewed site.

3.1.1: Language of Page A Pass  
3.1.2: Language of Parts AA N/A

Because page is identified as en-nz, there are no language changes (just uses of the vernacular)

3.1.4: Abbreviations AAA Pass  
3.2.1: On Focus A Pass  
3.2.2: On Input A Pass  
3.2.3: Consistent Navigation AA Pass  
3.2.4: Consistent Identification AA Pass  
3.3.1: Error Identification A Pass  
3.3.2: Labels or Instructions A Pass  
3.3.3: Error Suggestion AA Pass

Implementor addressed problems identified.

3.3.4: Error Prevention (Legal, Financial, Data) AA N/A  
4.1.1: Parsing A Pass  
4.1.2: Name, Role, Value A Pass  
Overall comments

Because implementation arrived so late, we asked jsut for 5 pages to represent the site. Conformance scope covers only those 5 pages.