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Issue Tracking for CSS Techniques for WCAG 2.0

We are in the process of moving these issues to Issue tracking for WCAG 2.0 Techniques for CSS.

Open Issues

1. Applying same style sheet to both HTML and XML

In Author Benefits, we discuss using the same style sheet for both HTML and XML files. Confirm that these statements are true.

2. Order of CSS Concepts section

Is this the best order? Tried to order them from beginning to advanced topics.

3. Add browser support section to each CSS concept section and/or example

This section will explain or point to references for browser support, incompatibilities, and possible assistive technology incompatibilities.

4. Units of measure

Create exhaustive lists for which css properties can use em, % vs px.

5. Creating movement with style sheets and scripts

This section needs work. How will it link to or share responsibilities with the client-side scripting techniques?

8. References

References need to be updated and references consistently. In previous versions, we did not link direclty from text but linked to a reference at the end of the doc which linked to the actual reference. Continue to do this? Need to link to refererences that are only listed. What is the best grouping of references?

9. WCAG 1.0 vs WCAG 2.0 techniques

I stripped out all of the references to WCAG 1.0 checkpoints, and moved references to WCAG 2.0 checkpoints to the end in the assessment table. Do we want to do some sort of mapping? This document should be referenced by both WCAG 1.0 or WCAG 2.0, right?

10. General additions and work needed

We need:

11. Contributors

The list of contributors needs to be updated.

13. Color keywords versus numbers (rgb or hex)

Raised: Bjoern Hoehrmann - Oct 01 2000

Proposed resolution: Wendy Chisholm - Jan 15 2002

14. Drop Caps

Raised: Bjoern Hoehrmann - Oct 04 2000

Discussion restarted: Wendy Chisholm - Jan 16 2002

15. Buttons with text labels example

Raised: Leonard R. Kasday - Oct 26 2000

16. Typos

17. Numbering ordered lists (start values)

Raised Kynn Bartlett (kynn@idyllmtn.com) Date: Mon, Dec 25 2000

18. Color Contrast section needs work

Raised: Karl Dubost - Wed, Mar 07 2001


19. Example of rules and borders

Raised: Chuck Baslock - Mar 16 2001

Closed Issues

6. Assessing accessibility of CSS for HTML

This section needs the data for which tools will automatically identify accessibility problems with CSS usage, versus those that will flag possible problems. Also need to finish filling in the manual checks.

7. Assessing accessibility of CSS for XML

This section needs info. At this point, no info at all.

12. Convert to new wcag-tech.dtd and set up publishing process

I created the table of contents by hand (mostly using the table of contents from the WCAG 1.0 draft). Need to set up the publishing process that checks spelling, broken links, etc. as we had for that draft. Part of this is to conver the doc to the wcag-tech.dtd instead of xhtml1.1.

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