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F8: Failure of SC 1.2.1 due to captions omitting some dialogue or important sound effects


Applies to all technologies.

This failure relates to:


This describes a failure condition for all techniques involving captions. If the "caption" does not include all of the dialog (either verbatim or in essence) as well as all important sounds then the 'Captions' are not real captions.

NOTE: Captions sometimes simplify the spoken text both to make it easier to read and to avoid forcing the viewer to read at very high speed. This is standard procedure and does not invalidate a caption.


Failure Example 1

Examples of text streams that are not captions include:

  • text that contains the dialog (possibly simplified dialog) but that does not describe important sounds

  • text that omits dialog during portions of the material


No resources available for this technique.

(none currently listed)



  1. View the material with captioning turned on.

  2. Check that all dialog is accompanied by a caption.

  3. Check that all important sounds are captioned.

Expected Results