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F7: Failure of SC 2.2.2 due to an object or applet, such as Java or Flash, that has blinking content without a mechanism to pause the content that blinks for more than three seconds


Technologies that support blinking content within an object, applet, or a plug-in.

This failure relates to:


When content that is rendered by a plug-in or contained in an applet blinks, there may be no way for the user agent to pause the blinking. If neither the plug-in, applet, nor the content itself provides a mechanism to pause the content, the user may not have sufficient time to read the content between blinks or it may be so distracting that the user will not be able to read other content on the page.




For each page that has blinking content in a plugin or applet:

  1. Determine if the content continues to blink for longer than 3 seconds.

  2. Determine if there is a means to pause the blinking content.

Expected Results