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F14: Failure of Success Criterion 1.3.3 due to identifying content only by its shape or location

Important Information about Techniques

See Understanding Techniques for WCAG Success Criteria for important information about the usage of these informative techniques and how they relate to the normative WCAG 2.0 success criteria. The Applicability section explains the scope of the technique, and the presence of techniques for a specific technology does not imply that the technology can be used in all situations to create content that meets WCAG 2.0.


All technologies.

This failure relates to:


The objective of this technique is to show how identifying content only by its visual shape or location makes content difficult to understand and operate. When only visual identification or location is used, users with visual disabilities may find it difficult to locate content since they cannot see the screen or may perceive only a small portion of the screen at one time. Also, location of content can vary if page layout varies due to variations in font, window, or screen size.



No resources available for this technique.



  1. Examine the Web page for textual references to content within the Web page.

  2. Check that the references do not rely on only the visual shape or location of the content.

Expected Results