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G187: Using a technology to include blinking content that can be turned off via the user agent


All technologies.

This technique relates to:


The objective of this technique is to ensure that blinking content can be turned off using user agent features. User agents allow users to stop animation of content in certain technologies. When the user activates this feature, all animation, including blinking, is stopped.

The most common way for users to stop animation is to press the "escape" key. As long as there are no processes that take precedence in the event queue for a press of that key, this is taken as a command to stop animation of moving or blinking content.

Technologies for which this is known generally to work include:




  1. Load a page that includes blinking content.

  2. Activate the browser's stop animation command (usually the Escape key).

  3. Check to see if the blinking stops.

Expected Results

If this is a sufficient technique for a success criterion, failing this test procedure does not necessarily mean that the success criterion has not been satisfied in some other way, only that this technique has not been successfully implemented and can not be used to claim conformance.