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Summary of Changes to WCAG 2.0 since Proposed Recommendation

This is a summary of changes that were made to WCAG 2.0 between the Proposed Recommendation draft and the final version of the WCAG 2.0 Recommendation. See the Issue Disposition Report for more background on the changes.

  1. Updates to abstract and introduction to reflect updated WCAG 2.0 support and introductory materials.
  2. The short labels for the success criteria under Guideline 1.2 (Time-based Media) were changed to make it easier to see which types of media they applied to.
  3. In SC 1.4.3 (Contrast(Minimum) and SC 1.4.6 (Contrast(Enhanced)), the contrast ratio was changed from 5:1 to 4.5:1. This was the middle of the values listed in the 'at risk' statement from the CR stage. This change allows designers more latitude in selecting colors, and it allows a single color to be used both as background for black text, and as letters on white background (which cannot be done at 5.0 but can be done at 4.5.)
  4. The description of "Statement of partial conformance - language" was updated to match "Statement of partial conformance - third party content" so that the two have the same form. The missing words (now added) in "Statement of partial conformance - Language" were an editorial oversight in the PR draft.