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End-to-end Task Forces of WCAG WG Work Statements

This statement has been approved by the WCAG WG (15 September 2005). Please send comments to w3c-wai-gl@w3.org.


The End-to-end Task Forces of WCAG WG ("team a", "team b", and "team c") operate under the WCAG WG charter.

The objectives of the End-to-end Task Forces of WCAG WG are to create informative documents that support each Success Criterion of WCAG 2.0 including: Guide documents, technology-specific techniques, tests and other advisory information that support the Requirements for WCAG 2.0 Checklists and Techniques and the WCAG Guidelines and Support Documents: Architecture and Document Specifications.

The purpose of dividing into teams is to make more progress more quickly. The primary goal is to experiment for the next 3 weeks on this approach and to publish a Working Draft in September that includes all pieces of 3 guidelines from Success Criteria to Guide documents to HTML, CSS, Scripting, and General Techniques to Tests.

Each team will develop proposals and the leader will send the team's proposal to the mailing list for discussion. Once the proposal is sent to the mailing list, a survey will be created to gather feedback from the rest of the WCAG WG. Results of surveys will be discussed on Thursday teleconferences. Teams will take feedback from Thursday teleconferences and refine proposals as necessary and iterate through this feedback process.


Communications of End-to-end Task Forces of WCAG WG are publicly visible. Communication mechanisms for the Task Forces include:


Task Force participants should be participants in Good Standing of the WCAG WG (although it is not required) and actively contribute to the work of the Task Force, including:

Participation in a task force without attending the Thursday WCAG WG telecons does not count towards Good Standing. As we are approaching Last Call, we will be enforcing Good Standing more strictly to ensure consistent participation in discussions to help us move WCAG 2.0 through the W3C Recommendation track.

Team A participants and leadership

Team A task force facilitator is Gregg Vanderheiden. Participants are: Ben Caldwell, Roberto Castaldo, Kerstin Goldsmith, Alex Li, Gez Lemon, David MacDonald, Sebastiano Nutarelli, Chris Ridpath, Cynthia Shelly, Christophe Strobbe, Bruno von Niman.

Team B participants and leadership

Team B task force facilitators are John Slatin and Loretta Guarino Reid. Participants are: Roberto Ellero, Don Evans, Bengt Farre, Becky Gibson, Yvette Hoitink, Luca Mascaro, Jens Meiert, Sorcha Moore, Roberto Scano, Lisa Seeman, Diane Stottlemyer.

Team C participants and leadership

Team C task force facilitator is Michael Cooper. Participants are: Tim Boland, Sofia Celic, Katie Haritos-Shea, Andi Snow-Weaver, Makoto Ueki, Takayuki Watanabe.

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