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Web Accessibility Initiative Education & Outreach Working Group Charter


  1. Mission statement
  2. Scope
  3. Duration of work items
  4. Deliverables to be produced
  5. Dependencies of this group on other groups
  6. Dependencies of other groups on this
  7. Intended degree of Confidentiality
  8. Relation to other groups
  9. Milestones for work items & deliverables
  10. Meeting mechanisms & schedules
  11. Communication mechanisms
  12. Voting mechanisms
  13. Level of involvement of Team
  14. W3C staff contact
  15. Estimate of time commitment a group member would have to make in order to participate.

1.0 Mission statement

The Education and Outreach Working Group will develop strategies and materials to increase awareness among the Web community of the need for Web accessibility, and educate the Web community regarding solutions to Web accessibility.

2.0 Scope

2.1 Scope of work items

Items included in the scope of work are:

2.2 Criteria for success

Criteria for success of EO WG include:

Attempted measurement of increase in Web accessibility will likely be contaminated by several factors, including degree of implementation of accessibility improvements in Web technologies due to the W3C/WAI Technical Activity; changes in the tools which measure Web accessibility; changes in predominance of different media on the Web; and education and advocacy by other related projects.

Nevertheless some impact data would be useful towards on-going prioritization of education and outreach strategies.  At a minimum the EO WG should:

3.0 Duration of work items

The expected duration of the EO WG is two years, at which time the group should be re-chartered for the duration of WAI work.

4.0 Deliverables to be produced

4.1 Process for developing and releasing educational material:

Many deliverables of the EO WG will be produced under subcontract, or by delegation to WAI staff, but with the guidance of this group.  The EO WG will review at least one draft of each of the educational deliverables, and comments will be incorporated to the extent appropriate.  The W3C is the final arbiter of materials release.

4.2 Materials to support education and outreach:

4.3 Educational & outreach materials (variety of formats -- Web-based, CD, hard-copy, etc.) to include:

5.0 Dependencies of this group on other groups

5.1 Groups to which deliverables promised

There are no dependencies of other W3C groups on this.

5.2 Liaison method for communication over deliverables

Not applicable.

6.0 Dependencies of other groups on this

6.1  Expected time of delivery

6.2  Specified level of conformance of groups, or requirements documents

Accessibility requirements, guidelines, and rating & certification tools must address cross-disability considerations, be consensus-based, technically sound, and reflect the most current technology.

7.0 Intended degree of Confidentiality

7.1 Confidentiality of group procedings & deliverables

Group procedings, e-mail list & archives, and deliverables are public.

7.2 Confidentiality of charter

Charter is public.

8.0 Relation to other groups

8.1 Relation to W3C Groups

8.2 Relation to External Groups

The WAI EO WG should coordinate activities with:

9.0 Milestones for work items & deliverables

(First half year)

10. Meeting mechanisms & schedules

11. Communication mechanisms

11.1 Communication within the group

11.2 Communication with W3C

11.3 Communication with the public

12.0 Voting mechanisms

One vote per member organization or technical expert's organization, via e-mail.

13.0 Level of involvement of Team

14.0 W3C staff contact

15.0 Estimated time commitment a group member would have to make in order to participate

If you want to join the WAI Education & Outreach Working Group, please complete this form and send it as an email to <wai-eo-call@w3.org>
WAI-EO working group participation form
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 Specific area(s) of interest:
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Judy Brewer

March 10, 1998

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