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Requirements and Changelog for "Combining Expertise to Evaluate Web Accessibility"

Page Contents

[DRAFT] About Using Combined Expertise to Evaluate Web Accessibility

Purpose, Goals, Objectives

  1. Describe the recommended expertise required to evaluate Web sites 
  2. Introduce the potential benefit of combining skills and perspectives from different people to achieve a more effective evaluation result
  3. Introduce considerations for effective collaboration among multiple evaluators
  4. Provide contextualized references to other parts of the updated evaluation resource suite




Change requests and changes made

Note: See "References" section above for meeting minutes and e-mail comments.

24 February 2006 (EOWG Teleconference)

  1. DONE [Intro] Remind readers that this is about trying to make sure that the Web will work well for people with disabilities.
  2. DONE [Opportunities] Look for a way to tweak wording on networks if possible
  3. DONE [Opportunities] Change “opportunities” to “approaches”
  4. CHANGED TO CAN -- FIT BETTER W/ SENTENCE [Involving users] Change may to will
  5. DONE [Considerations] Change the first H3 to “centralized vs distributed” or some such, and clarify that distributed can work
  6. UNDER 2nd H3 INSTEAD [Considerations] Under first H3, add a nodd to small organizations
  7. DONE [Considerations] Under second H3, make reference to tapping into online communities, including user groups, as a potential source of external expertise to complement existing in-house expertise
  8. DONE [editor's note] Copyedit
  9. [Wrap] After changes above, only bring it back via survey form.

17 February 2006 (EOWG Teleconference)

  1. DONE [In Purpose] Edit two of the objectives. Say usually need multiple people.
  2. DONE [Title] Change to: Using Combined Expertise to Evaluate Web Accessibility
  3. DONE [Intro] Try to make the intro punchier... break it into bullets.
  4. DONE [Expertise] Break out links for expertise & put in appendix at the bottom. Anchor down to that.

10 February 2006 (EOWG Teleconference)

  1. [DONE] Change name of document to: Combining Expertise to Evaluate Web Accessibility. NOTE: Editor feeling slightly pulled towards something such as"Collaborating on Effective Web Accessibility Reviews," but not strongly
  2. [DONE] Change focus of document to combining expertise rather than forming teams
  3. [DONE] Reflect current practice such as "virtual teams" that combine an internal group w/ some involvement in accessibility, plus an external expert w/ the gap expertise, such as more specific knowledge of disability needs
  4. [DONE] Reflect current practice such as integrating accessibility evaluation capabilities throughout the organization, rather than having a specialized, isolated evaluation team
  5. [DOES THIS NEED MORE?] Emphasize that effective evaluation is an on-going activity, from the earliest stages of the planning and design process, not a one-time after-the-fact activity
  6. [DONE] Promote the relevance of evaluation work as an opportunity for the disability community, and also the benefit that involvement of people with disabilities can bring to an effective evaluation process, and the necessary expertise that they bring
  7. [DONE?] Try describing fluid ways in which people can balance their expertise within virtual teams
  8. [DONE] Try renaming the last section to: Considerations in combining expertise for Web accessibility evaluation
  9. [DONE] Completely revise intro again [see hand edits] to reflect new emphasis, and drop last paragraph of intro
  10. [DONE] Try renaming second section to: Creating Opportunities for Collaborative Evaluation and then describe the types of collaborative settings one can find, or create
  11. [IMPROVED INTRO INSTEAD] In "Recommended Expertise," consider providing more justification for the recommended skill spread
  12. [DONE] Toss most of the current content of the last section
  13. [DONE] Copyedit the whole document more

 9 February 2006 (Changes needed, based on editor's review)