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[DRAFT] Requirements/Analysis and changelog for WAI-ARIA documents for education & outreach

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Purpose, Goals, Objectives


Audience and Document Use

  1. Technical specification (e.g., HTML5) developers
  2. Tool developers
  3. Content developers wanting to make their web pages, applications, and site accessible, particularly those using or considering using Ajax and such
  4. Presenters, trainers, consultants, advocates; some project managers
  5. Anyone interested in Web accessibility, including hig-level project managers, policy makers, administrators, ...

The table below lists audiences and indicates whether they are a primary audience for a document &/or how much they are expected to use the different documents.

  Overview FAQ Primer Best Practices Roadmap Roles, States & Properties
1. Spec developers Primary Somewhat Somewhat


Somewhat Primary
2. Tool developers Primary Somewhat Primary


A few Primary
3. Content developers Primary Primary Secondary Primary A few Rarely
4. Presenters Primary Primary Many Many A few A few
5. All, non-tech Primary Secondary A few A few A few Rarely


Terminology and usage of "WAI-ARIA"

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