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[EARLY CONCEPT DRAFT] Evaluating Web Accessibility with Users

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Note: This document is a draft and should not be referenced or quoted under any circumstances. [requirements & changelog]


Types of User Involvement

ranging from:{including people with disabilities in limited evaluation focusing specifically on accessibility issues as well as in formal usability testing}

{Screening techniques for accessibility are simple activities to help... evaluators identify potential accessibility problems.}:

The User Aspect

Understanding [Findings/Results]


[Would like some kind of concluding section. Perhaps something from the introduction could move down here?]


{...} unless otherwise indicated, information in curly brackets are quotes from pages in this resource: [1]http://www.ittatc.org/technical/access-ucd/overview.php (which Shawn is editor of & we don't expect to use verbatim)
[2] www.remedy.com/customers/dev_community/UserExperience/glossary.htm